A Hut in Cape Adare Poster


A Hut in Cape Adare is a Happy Feet fan-fiction short written by MarioFan65. This short is about the Amigos, and their old friends going to a hut surrounded by adélie penguins. It takes place after the events of The Story of The Five Amigos 2.


Borchgrevink Hut

I do not own this pic but this fits for the main setting of this story.


(One day in Adelie-Land, Lovelace in his grass section is annoucing that mating season is starting again)

  • Lovelace: Ladies and Gentieguins, welcome to mating season!, it is the time where you can get mates and have chicks. And this land is now getting bigger than the previous home i have before *camera moves to Adelie-Land from Happy Feet*. And YOU have to win since Roy the Elder is not here.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Ramón: Alright! the chicas are mine!
  • Raul: But there not enough love in the world
  • Rinaldo: Are you gonna play or what?
  • Nestor: It's mating season, and we have to find lovestones
  • Lombardo: But there only in the other Adelie-Land
  • Ramón: Forget impostor-lands! we're gonna win the contest
  • Lovelace: When all of the females arriving they will look at your nests and begin to mate your beak
  • Ramón: There Groupie Ladies with him but what about the boys?
  • Raul: No boys at all
  • Ramón: I'm going to Cape Adare
  • Nestor: We're coming with you
  • Ramón: Oh No! not them!

(In Cape Adare)

  • Raul: So what are we gonna do?
  • Ramón: Steal some rocks from other people
  • Rinaldo: WHAT? Are you crazy? your gonna cheat and lose the game.
  • Lombardo: Come on and we will find some rocks for you
  • Nestor: Guys, Look!, there a broken house from the aliens!
  • Lombardo: Where?
  • Nestor: Right here *camera moves to Borchgrevink's 1899 hut surrounded by penguins*
  • Ramón: This is so dangerous, and there's a ghost
  • Raul: Come on hombre and there no ghosts around here
  • Rimon: Ramón!
  • Ramón: Dad?
  • Rimon: It's you my boy
  • Limon: We went to a hut that is a house and so dangerous
  • Lombardo: Mating season started already
  • Ramón: But it is like 4 months
  • Tamón: Ramón, come with me and i will show you with your friends
  • Mendi: And it has to be quiet
  • Ramón: Let's go

(In the hut with a house)

  • Angelo: Xever, you think that the place is dangerous?
  • Xever: Yes, penguins are not allowed to go there
  • Elder 1: They die and never return
  • Estefan: It's according to what the Great 'Guin said
  • Enrique: That's right
  • Xever: No one is allowed to go there and have fun
  • Angelo: I think, were gonna die
  • Ramón: Hello Angelo
  • Angelo: Ramón, it's you again
  • Tamón: No one goes inside the house
  • Elian: It's REAL dangerous!
  • Estevan: And there is a ghost
  • Lombardo: How can you belive that there is a ghost?
  • Adelie Penguin Chick: Guys, do not go in there!
  • Rimon: Kid, are you real dangerous?
  • Adelie Penguin Chick: No, but there is a hut
  • Rimon: What hut?
  • Adelie Penguin Chick: About some aliens searching for and is there a problem?
  • Rimon: Yes and what's your name?
  • Adelie Penguin Chick: My name is Montay and i have arrive to see the house
  • Rimon: Okay and go back to your parents
  • Montay: Okay and bye
  • Tamón: Rimon, what can we do?
  • Rimon: Nothing *hear breaking sounds*
  • Ramón: No, he found a bug that enter the hole outside and he kill it
  • Dead Springtail: There.........was.......a....ghost...*dies*
  • Raul: Come on and let's go
  • Rimon: Let's see and what happen

(Inside the house)

  • Angelo: Ramón.....I'm scared.........i want to get out...
  • Ramón: No one is getting out
  • ???: That's right
  • Everyone: *shocked*
  • Angelo: STOP HIM!

(Batte begins)

  • Rimon: *holding and throwing cups* TAKE THIS AND THAT!
  • Carstens Borchgrevink: Ooooh, i don't want to go! *saw the amigos walking away by sneaking*
  • The Amigos: Ahhhh!

(When the Amigos when outside and the ghost went outside too, his spirit was about to disappear)

  • Carstens Borchgrevink: NOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Raphael: Did you hear that guys?
  • Raul: Yeah
  • Amigos: That was real scary!
  • Rimon: You did it Amigos, you stopped that ghost!
  • Mendi: We are proud of you
  • Limon: For the dead of Borchgrevink
  • Ramón: And everyone wasn't scared at all
  • Angelo: That was a real scary match
  • Raphael: I know
  • Rimon: No more ghosts for everyone!
  • Everyone: Yay!