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Adélie Underground
Adélie Underground (New Version)
Greater Location Adélie Village
Residents Adélie Penguins
Inhabitants Everyone that can go on
Adélie Underground is a dry, ice cavern, area, located from the underground of Adélie Village in Antarctica. It also appears in MarioFan65's fan-fiction The Story of The Five Amigos and it is a place where some Adélie Penguins lives and they have homes to live from the home center.


Before the skuas came with their boss, Roy and his elders are working on the underground room, but the home center with be on the middle. They created the stairs and have information about the Adélie Penguin god who created all of the adelie penguins. When the skuas came, the war begin, and Roy used one of his items to attack the Boss Skua (known as Alpha Skua), and he try to kill them but they flew away from the snowballs, Roy finally becomes the bravest adelie penguin ever and the birth of the Amigos has begun. See The Story of The Five Amigos right now to see about the backstory of the Amigos.



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