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Adélie Village
Adélie Village (New Version)
Greater Location Australian Antarctic Territory
Residents Adélie Penguins
Inhabitants Ramón
Roy the Elder
Other Adélie Penguins
Not to be confused with Adélie Village Elementary School.

Adélie Village is a ice village located in the Australian Antarctic Territory in Antarctica from MarioFan65's fan-fiction, The Story of The Five Amigos. It is the home to the fomer Adélie Penguins that lived here and The AmigosAngeloEstefan, Enrique, Raphael, Amigos, Rimon, Limon, and other adelie penguins also formerly live here. After this place got destroyed, the whole colony moves to Adélie-Land while some of them moves to Cape Adare.


When Roy was a young adult adélie penguin, he was at Adélie-Land and he was thinking to make a village that will be for adelie penguins only and when he tells the penguins about it, everyone thinks that the idea was silly and Roy was mad about it and then, he decide to leave Adelie-Land and never come back to this place ever again and now, he went to the Australian Antarctic Territory in Antarctica and when he finds out about it, he found a old village and he thinks that the place is a dump, and now, he cleans up the snowplies and put them in the water and when the poor adelie penguins went and see Roy cleaning up the junkey village, he looks at them and he thinks that the penguins that are poor and lost their home from the skuas, he welcome them to make the place perfect and for 6 months, the village was complete and all of the adelie penguins are all welcome to this peaceful village and now, Roy begins to have the old adelie penguins to become elders. When the elders are thinking to make a new room, they will create Adélie Underground with a lot of rooms and now, Roy will start developing the Adélie Underground room.

See the history of Adélie Underground right now.

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  • Adélie Village does not return in The Story of The Five Amigos 2 but it is also mentioned during the story.
  • In the lake section, adults go swimming to find food and feed them for their chicks.


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