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Alto the Candy Boy
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Appearance Black Eyes: Dark Blue Eyes
Voiced By Rob Paulsen

Alto is a fan-made character by MarioFan65. He is a male adelie penguin who is known as the "Candy Boy" and trying to eat candy everyday and sometimes eat fish. He is Carlos' best friend.


Alto is however like Dylan Corlier when he is lazy. Around the age of 5, he found some food which is known as candy and known to be loving sweets.

He was originally from Devil Island and later moved to Cape Adare after the defeat of Kid Carlos. He has a life back there and make friends with Carlos.


Alto is a adelie penguin chick that has a look similar to Baby Nestor and Dylan Corlier. He has brown feathers, pink feet, a pink beak and dark blue eyes.

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

Here are all the fanfictions that this character makes an appearance in that are on this wiki:


  • He is voiced by Rob Paulsen who voiced Dylan Corlier in the same series.
  • He and Charles both like candy. Alto also loves to steal Charles' candy while Charles has the same problem too.
    • They are also rivals.
  • Alto share some similarities to Lou from the 2012 film The Lorax.
    • Both like to eat. (Lou eats grapes and Alto eat candy)
    • Both are seen lagging behind the group.
  • Alto loves to steal candy from the vending machines, especially from schools.