Atticus Farts
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The Story of Esequiel the Tickle Inventor


Tickle Torment Future 2: Stuck in Prehistory

"Atticus Farts" is the thirteenth episode of Happy Peep written by MarioFan65. This episode will be the funniest than all of the tickle torment episodes like "The Five Amigos get a Tickle Torment", "Roy the Elder gets a Tickle Torment", "Manny the African Penguin gets a Tickle Torment", and much more.


Note: The crack that is like the Doomberg is also the secondary antagonist of the episode.


For the transcript, click here.


  • In the title card, the bubbles that is making the fart is Atticus' tail.
  • This is the second time that the opening medley started a problem after in Happy Feet Two when the chicks laughed at Erik when peeing upside down.
  • This is the first time where Atticus and Erik are enemies in this episode.
  • "Happy Feet Two Opening Medley" is played in the beginning of the episode.

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