Beth is a Frost Dragon who resembles those of the dragonology books and merchandise. Her species are known as "ice-breathers" because they breathe ice instead of fire.

She later becomes a friend of the Happy Feet family and friends.


Frost Dragons like her, are often covered in spines, horns and beards that look like icicles.

She has an arrowhead tail (much like any dragon), which in females, resembles a Stegosaurus, plus her species are the only known migratory and oceanic dragons. She has strong claws to ravage her prey and dig a lair for herself in a glacier or iceberg (which her species make nests in).

Females like her are a dark blue in color (the males are white), and her eyes are a light green.


Beth is normally hostile, as she doesn't like to socialize too much. but if wounded or sick, she welcomes help. She enjoys hanging around seabirds, and sometimes uses them as bait for her prey, much to the birds annoyance. While she may seem emotionless, she does care for the lives of others, mainly birds and reptiles, but little to none for mammals.

Author's noteEdit

You all can edit and use my OC, I'm just a contributor.

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

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