Blue World
Blue World
Greater Location The Universe
Residents Blue Penguins
Inhabitants King Rainguin
King Emperguin
Events N/A

The Blue World is a world located in the back of Rainbow World. It is one of King Rainguin's homes and it inhabitats Blue Penguins (the citizens of the 18 penguin species). The ruler of this world is King Emperguin.


When the world first started, God created every penguin species and created the Great 'Guins in every world on Antarctica.

When a blue meteor crashes in Antarctica. All of the little penguins from Little-Land were scared about a monster coming out. When a elder checks it, it wasn't there. A power has been released to created rocks from the Blue World.

Meanwhile, Emperguin was singing his heartsong, "Move Your Body" but he hear sounds coming from the meteor, he head over to Little-Land and checks the meteor by saying, "Woah, and what is that?". The elder knows that it's dangerous to go there and when Emperguin tries it, he flew up in the sky when a elder is saying, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU DO NOT GO!".

In Blue World, planets were created and Emperguin was sent there for 10 years. Due to being sad of missing his family, he used his powers from the Great 'Guin and created Blue Penguins like Emperors like him, Adelies, Littles, and Chinstraps, but they were all blue. Emperguin turns himself into different colors and created a lot of penguin species that is blue.

Many Years, buildings and places were created when the Blue World was completey perfect and located in Space.

When Rainguin was first born as a chick, the aliens were coming and attacked him by sending his wonders to the king, Emperguin, his power has failed to stop him. but now, Rainguin was sent in a plain world located in space and never returned for a year until he become an adult.

Emperguin was felling sad and worried about Antarctica, but he created a potal to enter there and reveals everyone to his homeland that he is alive and created the blue world for everyone.

Now everyone has cheered and lived Happily Ever After.

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

Here are all the fanfictions that this world makes an appearance in that are on this wiki:


  • Unlike Rainbow World, this world is everything blue.

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