Chapter 5 is the fifth chapter of Club Penguin And Happy Feet: The Rise of Protobot written by MarioFan65.

This Chapter is called "The Resistance and The Future".


(Back in the year 2014 of Club Penguin Island, Herbert and Klutzy arrive at the back view of the island from sailing a iceberg)

  • Herbert: Finally. We made it in and now we have to find that Protobot from rampaging around the island.
  • Klutzy: *agree*
  • Herbert: Let's go.

(Herbert and Klutzy dodge through out the way and made it to his destroyed mountain lab)

  • Herbert: Oh no. My lab! It's gone. What has Protobot done?!

(Inside of Herbert's Mountain Lab)

  • Herbert: Everything here was robbed. I hope it's not the penguins doing some tricks again. But they better be dead by now.
  • Klutzy: *point to Herbert for the time machine*
  • Herbert: My time machine, it's alive. Now i need to know where i can find that Protobot enemy. Ah ha, teleport. *press the teleport button and teleported with Klutzy*

(Meanwhile, Bambadee, Mumble and the Shard Penguins are getting warped by screaming and warped into another dimension in the wilderness as Bambadee and Mumble landed in the snow as the shard penguins land in one of the sharpy sticks and some fell into the water)

  • Bambadee: Where are we?
  • Mumble: The sky look different and why are there sticks?
  • Bambadee: These spears must has set a trap for the bad ones.
  • Mumble: Follow me. I smell food.
  • Bambadee: Food. Must be the smell of fish!

(Bambadee and Mumble run as they make it to the Snow Forts, revealing the island to be a burned, viking-like resistance valley)

  • Mumble: Oh no. What happen?
  • Bambadee: Where are we? This doesn't look like home to me.

(Most of the penguins seen are vikings and hunters. Penguins build their armor and weapons for the way.)

  • Armor Penguin #1: Hey, there's a new guy in town.
  • Armor Penguin #2: Hello there and welcome to the resistance.
  • Armor Penguin #3: Get ready for the war.
  • Bambadee: Guys, you are messed up. You guys are suppose to work for the EPF. And you were suppose to stop Herbert.
  • Armor Penguin #1: Herbert P. Bear? He once destroyed the island with a nuke bomb. And suddenly, the war started with him and his robots.
  • Armor Penguin #2: This is why the island become a resistance to this world.
  • Mumble: Oh no. What happen? Why are we in the wrong time zone?
  • Armor Penguin #3: Oh, i didn't see you there young one. There are no time machines in this world.
  • Bambadee: Something in here must be a disaster. Who's idea was to set a territory up?

(Vikings march in a line as the knights move along)

  • Mumble: Wow.
  • Bambadee: There's knights?
  • Armor Penguin #1: Yes. We will stop predators and save our island from the leopard seals.
  • Mumble: Hey. I was suppose to do that.
  • Armor Penguin #1: Well kid, you gotta do it on your own.
  • Mumble: I'm not a kid anymore. I am an adult.
  • Guard Rory: Set up the fire!
  • Guard Gary: Bring in the water ladies!

(The fire is set up as the ladies walk up, making Bambadee in a cute stare)

  • Mumble: What are you doing?
  • Bambadee: Oh, nothing. I was just having a crush.
  • Mumble: I didn't know you liked Dot.
  • Bambadee: What? No. She's a master of disguise. Well, i like her anyways as a friend.
  • Spiked Penguin #1: Get to work boys. I have no time to babysit you like mommies.
  • Mumble: Let's go.
  • Bambadee: I have a bad feeling about this.
  • Spiked Penguin #2: Oh yeah, bad times will happen when the predators come to kill us all like beetles.

(In the armor site, an armored Rookie is setting things up for war)

  • Soilder Penguin #1: Rookie, do you have any plans to stop the predators?
  • Armored Rookie: Well, leopard seal is our target. Skua and walrus.
  • Soilder Penguin #2: A walrus?
  • Armored Rookie: Strange things my friend.
  • Bambadee: Hello boys and girls.
  • Soilder Penguin #2: Hey, new people.
  • Armored Rookie: Let get you all bulit for the resistance.

(The soilder and armor penguins set Bambadee and Mumble up, dressing them as soilders-like medieval style. They put armor parts on Bambadee's fins, belly, head and butt.)

  • Bambadee: Ow. Watch the back.
  • Mumble: *all dressed in armor* Not bad, huh.
  • Bambadee: Whoa, you look like a prototype video game character.
  • Mumble: Ha ha, very funny.
  • Armored Rookie: All set for the resistance. Together, we will fight octopus and leopard seal around. Even killer whales.
  • Mumble: Killer whales?!
  • Armored Rookie: Yes. Chop their heads down and eat them for lunch.
  • Bambadee: Man, we gotta get out of here.
  • Armored Rookie: Never! You're staying here until the next 10 years.
  • Bambadee: Oh no.
  • Mumble: We're in trouble.

(Meanwhile, Protobot and Plok are geting warped into a unknown space dimension, landing on a purple moon, inhabited by alien penguins)

  • Alien Penguin #1: What is this?
  • Alien Penguin #2: A robot. I never seen smething like this.
  • Alien Captain: Stand aside. What is this? A puffle? Oh boy, puffles are cute. I'm keeping him. *take care of Plok*
  • Alien Penguin #3: Sir. Do we have plans to rule our planet?
  • Alien Captain: We are never a successful team. We failed over the years and try to take over a planet we want.
  • Alien Penguin #3: Then we should take over Club Penguin Island then.
  • Alien Captain: Good idea. We would love to start a alien invasion from planet Earth.

(Herbert and Klutzy arrive from teleporting from their time machine by slipping over and stoping by the Alien Captain and Protobot)

  • Alien Captain: New Members, i see. Give them air.

(The Alien Penguins give Herbert and Klutzy a space helmet. Klutzy float while walking on his space helmet.)

  • Herbert: Penguins?!
  • Alien Captain: A polar bear! And a crab. Is that all you got?
  • Herbert: No! That's my creation Protobot.
  • Alien Penguin #1: The crab? The puffle?
  • Herbert: No. This robot you're next to is my creation. I recreated him to stop the penguins on Club Penguin Island. I know you have him here.
  • Alien Captain: Then how about we upgraded him.
  • Herbert: A upgrade?
  • Alien Captain: Yes. Most robots need upgrades to improve. When you play a video game, you need upgrades as well.
  • Herbert: Yeah. But it cost money when you play a game.
  • Alien Captain: No cost by dear. Aliens, let's charge him up.

(The alien penguins hold their laser guns, pointing at Protobot, laying down)

  • Alien Captain: *hold his laser gun at Protobot* UPGRADE AND CHARGE!

(The alien penguins charge Protobot, making him float and transform into a larger form of him, making him look like a lord and ruler. His form also includes a rocket for him to fly on the down appearance. Protobot is finally upgraded to a powerful form. The glass on his head broke to make him look like he has spiky hair.)

  • Herbert: Yes. Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 is finally here.
  • Protobot: HA HA HA HA HA! I AM A GOD!
  • Alien Penguins: *cheer*
  • Alien Captain: We did it. He is now immortal.
  • Protobot: Greetings all aliens, you now serve me as your new minions.
  • Alien Captain: Thank you Protobot. Herbert and Klutzy would like to thank you for everything you done.
  • Protobot: Ah, i see.
  • Herbert: What is our next job?
  • Protobot: Build me some microbots. Then we invade Club Penguin Island and all of the dimensional cycle.
  • Herbert: I am finally happy that we are going to destroy all worlds.
  • Alien Captain: Yep. We love to invade. You're with us now.
  • Protobot: GO BUILD ME SOME MICROBOTS! Herbert and Klutzy, build me some potions for me.
  • Herbert: Yes sir.
  • Klutzy: *agree*
  • Plok: *fear*
  • Protobot: NOW GET TO WORK!
  • Alien Captain: Alright master. We will alway listen to you. You're the boss now. Not me.
  • Protobot: Good. I would love for you guys to build some UFO ships to invade a planet.
  • Alien Captain: Yes. Upzar II is one of them to invade. *evil laugh*

(Back at the Resistance Island, Bambadee and Mumble are at the lunch area with penguins serving some fish and meat. The penguins sit down on the tables to eat with their fork and knife. Bambadee and Mumble are sitting by themselves on a different table.)

  • Mumble: Meat? Where's my fish?
  • Bambadee: Well, i have one. You can have mine if you want.
  • Mumble: Thanks. I really miss home so much.
  • Bambadee: Me too. Now we have to work with the resistance until someone come to pick us up.

(A large horn sound came from the resistance)

  • Guard Gary: Attention everyone! The heroes are here. Report to the Dock.

(Everyone headed to The Dock)

  • Mumble: The heroes has arrived. Let's go.
  • Bambadee: We're safe now. Here we go.

(All of the penguins are here in the Dock. All together in a crowd.)

  • Bambadee: I wonder if the EPF is here to pick us up.
  • Mumble: No. I see strange things in visions.
  • Guard Gary: Come on warriors, come by up.

(A group of warriors appear, lead by Lord Sensei who is the master of the elements)

  • Lord Sensei: Wave Ho!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Bambadee: Sensei?!
  • Lord Sensei: Greetings young masters.

(Bambadee thought in mind of dreams with Sensei training with ninjas in the Dojo and fighting againist predators like leopard seals and killer whales. His mind ended when he rush to Sensei by walking.)

  • Bambadee: Sensei!
  • Lord Sensei: What? *kick Bambadee in a slow motion, making him slip to the snow next to Mumble*
  • Guard Gary: Ha. No one in here like a stranger.
  • Everyone: *laughs*
  • Mumble: We're in the wrong dimension. You're right Bambadee.
  • Bambadee: Sensei......what happen to him.
  • Lord Sensei: As we retired from Card-Jitsu, we now serve as the warriors of this land. All of you guys should be warriors.
  • Guard Rory: You're highness sir.
  • Lord Sensei: Who is this weirdo staring at?
  • Bambadee: Sensei, it's me Bambadee. You're biggest fan ever.
  • Lord Sensei: Bambadee? I thought you were exiled.
  • Bambadee: Exiled? No. It's me, your pal.
  • Lord Sensei: How are you alive? You were exiled a long time ago when your parents ended up in execution.
  • Bambadee: What? I don't live here. I'm from another dimension.
  • Lord Sensei: Liar! From my senses, you were eaten by a leopard seal. We killed your family and this island serve to the resistance of the entire planet.
  • Bambadee: No. This Bambadee from your world was killed. I am from the future and my parents are alive back from another island. I came here to join you to stop Protobot.
  • Mumble: He's right. We must stop Protobot from destroying all the worlds together. He could even stop the Prehistory world in time.
  • Lord Sensei: I sense impostors. EXECUTE THE TRAITOR BAMBADEE!

(The guards capture Bambadee)

  • Bambadee: No. Help me!
  • Mumble: Bambadee!
  • Lord Sensei: Prison the emperor penguin!

(The warriors held capture Mumble into the cage and lock him)

  • Mumble: No! You son of a fish.
  • Lord Sensei: Now, we are going to kill this future penguin and everything will be back to normal. Let's go! To the Stadium!
  • Everyone: *protest*
  • Mumble: No!
  • Warrior Penguin #1: Let's go. Prison time.
  • Warrior Penguin #2: We have no more puffles around everywhere. Prison Time.
  • Warrior Penguin #3: Yeah.

(Meanwhile from the Dark Dimension)

  • Feather God: My minions, i found the location of Bambadee and Mumble. We are going to stop the Resistance and then, we will blow up this dimension in time.
  • Shard Penguins: *cheers*
  • Feather God: Now. I will make a big speech to everyone on this island.

(Back at the Resistance Island, the penguins are marching to the Stadium. In the burned-like twisted Stadium, a stockade is set up for Bambadee as the guards held captive Bambadee into the stockade with a huge knife on the chain of a old invention from Gary.)

  • Guard Gary: Ladies and gentleman. Who want to kill a prisoner?
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Guard Gary: I can't hear you.
  • Everyone: *cheer loud*
  • Guard Gary: Perfect. Now this poor penguin is going bye bye. Forever.
  • Lord Sensei: We will have no more traitors coming to our island. First, we kill off Herbert. Now we're after this fool who break the law of the island.
  • Bambadee: Stop the noise! I am not from here.
  • Lord Sensei: Liar! You will be sent by your crimes.
  • Bambadee: Oh no.

(The Warrior Penguins with Mumble enter the Pet Shop turned prison where puffles are held in their cages by color)

  • Mumble: Oh no. Not them.

(Most of the Puffles are sad and angry, trying to escape. The warrior penguin open the cage for Mumble to lock him in his prison cell.)

  • Warrior Penguin #1: This is your new home now.
  • Warrior Penguin #2: At least, we got a rare one.
  • Warrior Penguin #3: Let's go. To the Stadium.

(The Warrior Penguins headed to the Stadium, lead by Lord Sensei)

  • Lord Sensei: Attention everyone. Do we have kids?
  • Everyone: NO!
  • Lord Sensei: Good. Make sure i don't see one, crying like babies.
  • Guard Rory: Are we ready?
  • Lord Sensei: Yes. Gary, set up your oldest invention.
  • Guard Gary: Yes sir. Oh boy, this is going to take me back in one of my childhood days.
  • Lord Sensei: Alright Bambadee, any last words?
  • Bambadee: No. Cut it off.
  • Lord Sensei: I see your point. Now!
  • Guard Gary: Ok. *try to push the button*

(A dark portal open in the sky, revealing to be the Feather God, making everyone shocked)

  • Feather God: Greetings warriors.
  • Lord Sensei: What was that? Who is that feather beast in the sky?
  • Feather God: I am the Feather God. I just saw one of my shard penguins killed in the wilderness and look what you done?!
  • Lord Sensei: We didn't start all of this!
  • Feather God: Penguins! As you see here, my biggest plan is to take over any world i want.
  • Lord Sensei: Who let the box open?!
  • Guard Gary: Um, it wasn't me.
  • Feather God: My minions, get them.

(The shard penguins appear, making the warriors fight them and making everyone panic)

  • Guard Rory: Run for your life!
  • Feather God: Ha ha ha ha ha! This is the best show ever.
  • Lord Sensei: No! *use his scepter to shock against the shard penguins* Bambadee, good luck with your death.
  • Bambadee: No! Get me out of here.

(The soilder set up the bombs for the shard penguins and charge at them to attack. They set up the traps for the shard penguins with nets and ropes. They also use rockets to kill them off.)

  • Armored Rory: Attack the clones!
  • Warrior Dot: Go go go!
  • Warrior Cadence: Oh yeah baby. Fight these bad boys up.

(Back at the Stadium, Gary and Rory use their weapons to kill off the shards)

  • Guard Gary: This is getting worse than i thought.
  • Guard Rory: There's too many of them.
  • Bambadee: *break free* Yes! Now i am ready to fight.

(Back at the prison room, Mumble is hearing the noise of the shard penguin war)

  • Mumble: Oh no. The shard penguins are here. And now i am trap in the cell. Hey, i have an idea. Hey puffles! Do you want some of this? Huh?

(The puffles look at Mumble)

  • Mumble: *tap dance in music*

(The puffles feel interested)

  • Mumble: This should work. *tap dance in music again* Let do it again. *tap dance with the puffles* That's it. Feel the beat, that should do it. *jump and dance* Move it. One more. That's better. *dance in circle and stomp with the puffles as they crack the place up* Come on, we can do it together. Feel the beat a little more. *continue to dance with the puffles as they stomp in hop and break the cages out* Yes! It worked. Now let go kick some butt.

(Mumble and the puffles are set free, attacking against the shard penguins)

  • Shard Penguin #1: Ow.
  • Shard Penguin #2: Get it off me. Get it off me.
  • Shard Penguin #3: Ahhh!
  • Mumble: Yes!
  • Warrior Penguin #1: The puffles! Why are they here?
  • Warrior Penguin #2: They must somehow escaped.
  • Warrior Penguin #3: Whatever. Stop the shard penguins!
  • Mumble: *jump and step on five shard penguins*

(In the sky)

  • Feather God: Mumble? No! I'll bring hundreds of more.

(100 more shard penguins came to attack the soilders)

  • Feather God: Stop the Resistance!

(More shard penguins came to the Stadium to attack)

  • Lord Sensei: *fire his scepter against the shard penguins and burn half of the stadium* The place is burning up.
  • Bambadee: *kick seven shard penguins out* We have to escape!
  • Lord Sensei: Escape? *thunder attack on the shard penguins*
  • Bambadee: Wow, you're really good at this.
  • Lord Sensei: Yeah. But now let's get out of here. * use his scepter to destroy the stadium*
  • Guard Rory: No! How could you do this?!
  • Lord Sensei: We must escape now!
  • Bambadee: Yeah. The Sensei is right.
  • Guard Gary: And you're free?
  • Bambadee: Yeah. I guess.

(A army of shard penguins came to attack)

  • Shard Penguin #4: Attack!
  • Bambadee: More clones! Let's battle.

(Bambadee, Lord Sensei, Guard Rory and Guard Gary fight againist the shard penguins)

  • Feather God: Very funny. I have 800 shard penguins left to bring and attack. I will control more of them in dimensions. *use his feather hand and punch one of the warriors*

(Most of the buildings are getting destroyed from the warriors)

  • Warrior Penguin #1: Ow.
  • Warrior Penguin #2: What was that?
  • Feather God: You guys now serve for a army of my shards! *float 7 warrior penguins and control them into shards*
  • Warrior Dot: No! The warriors are under control from that feather god.
  • Feather God: That's right. My minions will serve before the end of the world. Get them!
  • Warrior Cadence: Bring it on. *punch two of the shard warriors*
  • Warrior Dot: *use her spy skills and defeat five of the shard warriors*
  • Warrior Cadence: Rest in piece veterans.
  • Feather God: I will make more of these..............NOW! *float 20 soilder and warriors into shards*
  • Armored Rookie: No! What is going on here.
  • Feather God: Ha ha ha ha ha! I am the most powerful being in all worlds.
  • Warrior Jet Pack Guy: Somebody stop this thing.

(Back at the destroyed Stadium, Bambadee, Lord Sensei, Guard Gary and Guard Rory are still at war with the shard penguins)

  • Bambadee: *throw a snowball at a shard penguin* Too weak. We need more power.
  • Lord Sensei: There is more power. But there's too powerful to defeat.
  • Guard Rory: This is the end.
  • Guard Gary: We're gonna die. Any second for now.

(Mumble and the puffles arrive by knocking the shard penguins out)

  • Bambadee: Mumble?
  • Mumble: Bambadee!
  • Bambadee: You're alive!
  • Mumble: Thank goodness i'm here to see you again.
  • Lord Sensei: Listen boys, i'm sorry for all of the actions we done to you. You're from the future and we will take you all back from the future.
  • Bambadee: We will. Just in time to stop Protobot.
  • Feather God: NO! NEVER! *throw a big sphere at the mountains and destroy almost everything.
  • Lord Sensei: The island is breaking apart. We must go by now.
  • Mumble: Ok. But what can we do next?
  • Lord Sensei: I will make everyone warriors so we can stop that god freak.
  • Mumble: But some of them are already warriors.
  • Lord Sensei: I know. I will make 75% perfect of penguins into warriors except the shard ones. Right now. *turn everyone into warriors including Mumble*
  • Mumble: Wow. Awesome.
  • Warrior Gary: Cool.
  • Warrior Rory: I like it.
  • Bambadee: This look like fun.
  • Lord Sensei: Let's go and save the world by now.
  • Mumble: Alright.

(The war still continue on, as most of the warrior penguins team up together and fire againist the shard penguins)

  • Warrior Rookie: Wow. With all of this new armor. We will stop the shards in time.
  • Warrior Dot: Let's do it.
  • Warrior Jet Pack Guy: Here we go again.
  • Feather God: No! I will end the island right now. *create a dark beam*
  • Mumble: Oh no.
  • Bambadee: What is he doing?
  • Lord Sensei: It's the end my friends. We will lose to this feather god and you two are the only ones to stop it.
  • Mumble: How are we going to kill this guy? He's too high to reach.
  • Bambadee: He's powerful enough to defeat like Protobot.
  • Warrior Gary: There can only be a right to finish him.
  • Warrior Rory: Think of something to destroy this bad boy up.
  • Mumble: Too late. He's gonna fire at us now.
  • Lord Sensei: Oh no. Not again.
  • Feather God: *fire the dark beam at the penguins* DIE!

(Two penguins came from another world and stopped the beam by using their electric guns)

  • Feather God: NO!
  • Smart Bambadee: We're finally here.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Bambadee: Hey. It's the smart boys again.
  • Smart Gary: Hey. I didn't know you were here.
  • Bambadee: We came. You guys have to take us back in time.
  • Smart Gary: Back in time you said?
  • Bambadee: Yes.
  • Warrior Gary: Looking good there.
  • Smart Gary: Thank you.
  • Feather God: Impossible. How could i lose to a fight when i have a bit of shards left to fight. Ah ha. take this fools! *float 30 warriors and turn them into shards*
  • Warrior Cadence: Oh no!
  • Warrior Rookie: There's more?!
  • Feather God: Get them now!

(The warrior penguins started to fight more shard penguins from regular to warrior)

  • Mumble: Hey smart boy. You promise to take us back in time, right?
  • Smart Bambadee: Yes. I will open up another portal for you two to escape.
  • Bambadee: Yes. We must go and shut down Protobot.
  • Smart Bambadee: Ok. You asked for it. *use his portal gun to open up a red time portal*
  • Mumble: Wow.
  • Bambadee: Now we're out of here.
  • Smart Gary: Go ahead. You're free to go.
  • Bambadee: Yes. Let's go. *hold Mumble and jump into the red portal*
  • Smart Gary: Close the dark portal!
  • Smart Bambadee: Don't worry. That monster in the sky will be dead and down. *use his electric gun and fire at the Feather God to close the portal*
  • Feather God: NO! NO! NO! HELP ME!
  • Smart Gary: I will help. Here i go. *use his electric gun and fire at the Feather God to close the portal*
  • Feather God: *open the portal more* NO! THIS ISN'T THE END!
  • Lord Sensei: Game over Feather God. You have your last wish with us. *use his scepter and fire at the Feather God*
  • Feather God: *close the portal* NOOOOOOO! *crash into the shard mountain* Ouch! I hate these penguins.

(The dark portal closes, making everyone cheer on the Resistance Island)

  • Lord Sensei: We did it. Now let's go defeat some shards.
  • Smart Bambadee: For the Resistance!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Warrior Jet Pack Guy: Good job everyone. Good job.
  • Smart Gary: I'm very proud of these guys.

(Bambadee and Mumble are being warped into the time portal as they ended up in a future world of the island, landing on the plain)

  • Bambadee: Wow. Look at this place.
  • Mumble: Where are we?
  • Bambadee: The's all different.
  • Mumble: The sky look night. Everything changed. Even the stars and the planets.
  • Bambadee: Is this Earth? I feel like it.
  • Mumble: It is.
  • Bambadee: *take off his warrior clothes* Man. That world we warped to was strange.
  • Mumble: *take off his warrior clothes* We shouldn't have gone there in the first place.

(3 penguins on UFO-like ships found Bambadee and Mumble)

  • Space Penguin #1: Hey boys, where your heading?
  • Bambadee: Um.....home?
  • Mumble: Who are those people?
  • Space Penguin #2: Welcome to the Future World of Club Penguin Island. You may have warped into time.
  • Mumble: Wait. This is the future?
  • Space Penguin #3: Yes. This is the future timeline of our world.
  • Space Penguin #1: Wow. Look at this viking stuff. This is kinda cool.
  • Mumble: Actually, we warped to a different dimension and it was crazy there with all of that armor stuff. Everyone was turned into warriors.
  • Space Penguin #2: Warriors? I never seen a warrior like this before. We have future and space penguins in our island.
  • Bambadee: We're not warriors. We're normal penguins.
  • Space Penguin #3: Normal penguins? This look interesting. Gary 3000 have heard some things about you guys. Follow me to the Space Academy.
  • Bambadee: Gary 3000?
  • Mumble: Wait. Gary is in this world in the Space Academy?
  • Space Penguin #1: It's a different Gary than the one you have in your own dimension.
  • Bambadee: So it has 3000 in his name like the Time Trekker 3000.
  • Space Penguin #2: Right. Let's keep on moving.

(Into the island, they see and explore many places around. The Tour Guide is here to meet the penguins.)

  • Tour Guide: Oh hello there. You must have send the mystery people there.
  • Space Penguin #1: Yes. We will follow you to the Space Academy.
  • Tour Guide: Yes sir. By the way, we have many things, affecting in our lifetime. Since the meteor crash in our island, we have to repair on one of the places, except one of these buildings are destroyed.
  • Mumble: That's sad. Our world is never like that.
  • Tour Guide: But you guys are from the future. You guys must learn the effect of the planet and solar system.
  • Bambadee: Solar System?
  • Tour Guide: If you're smarter enough, you will learn enough power in your brains. Most of the EPF agents have the knowledge to defeat enemies over the past and there are a few bad aliens around the galaxy.
  • Bambadee: Wait. There is a Elite Penguin Force?
  • Tour Guide: Well we used to. But not anymore. We are now the Extra-Planetary Federation. We fight againist evil, crime, bad and more.
  • Mumble: Oh look. We're here by now.
  • Tour Guide: Great. Look like Gary 3000 is all here to see you all.
  • Gary 3000: Oh hello there. You all came to see me.
  • Bambadee: Gary?
  • Mumble: He's wearing a space helmet.
  • Gary 3000: Welcome my friends. Come inside, don't just stand there and be shy.
  • Mumble: We won't.
  • Bambadee: We're going in.
  • Space Penguin #1: This is it. Thanks for the ride.
  • Mumble: It wasn't a ride. But you're welcome.
  • Space Penguin #2: Okay boys, march it in.
  • Space Penguin #3: Here we go.

(A alien penguin was using a big telescope to spy on the future penguins)

  • Alien Penguin #1: Sir, we found the penguins at last.
  • Alien Penguin #2: Let's tell Lord Protobot about this.

(Underground of a purple alien planet, most of the alien works are building microbots to serve Protobot's minions. Herbert and Klutzy are seen making potions in the science room.)

  • Herbert: At last, Protobot is going to love all of this stuff. I can't finally believe Protobot making all of his plans to rule the world. I am a genius and i am going to win this time. Klutzy! Do you have the powerful potion.
  • Klutzy: *agree and hold the powerful potion*
  • Herbert: Don't drop it if you dare. Give it to me.
  • Klutzy: *give the powerful potion to Herbert*
  • Herbert: Good. All of this stuff will power up Protobot just to destroy the island.

(On the alien site, Protobot is watching over some aliens building his microbots)

  • Protobot: Boys! Where is my electrical chair?
  • Alien Captain: Master, we all build it in 10 minutes.
  • Protobot: Bring it to me.
  • Alien Captain: Yes master. We also build UFO ships to invade the planets.
  • Protobot: *sit on the electrical chair* Good. I am a future ruler of the universe. You minions are ready to invade.
  • Alien Captain: Sure. I have everyone including my friends there.
  • Alien Penguin #1: Protobot! We have company.
  • Protobot: What is it?!
  • Alien Penguin #2: We found the penguins you were looking for.
  • Protobot: Ah. A blue and a furry penguin. Aliens, get ready to invade. Make sure you capture the rare ones.
  • Alien Captain: Yes master. Alright boys, let's get on to your UFOs.

(All of the alien minions enter to their UFO ships. There are 10 of them including the UFO boss ship in which the Alien Captain get on too. This remains 11 UFO ships leaving the planet.)

  • Protobot: Now go.
  • Alien Captain: See you later.

(The UFOs headed to planet Earth as Plok set a glare on them from leaving the planet, sending a taunt from them. Back at the island in the Space Academy.)

  • Gary 3000: We are here now. At least it's a school. We have students studying and working hard for knowledge and defeating aliens. The EPF Director may want to talk with you.
  • Mumble: Ok Gary, you know how it works.
  • Bambadee: Let's go in.

(In the EPF Office)

  • Gary 3000: Director, i have two penguins with me from the future.
  • EPF Director: Well hello you two. I am so glad to see you there.
  • Mumble: Hey, i need a favor for you to help.
  • EPF Director: Anything you like?
  • Mumble: There is a evil robot planning to destroy all the worlds and we have to find him and stop him before he destroy every world he want.
  • EPF Director: So who is the robot you want to destroy?
  • Bambadee: His name is Protobot.
  • EPF Director: Protobot?!
  • Gary 3000: Oh no. Not Protobot. He's alway up into something, planning to destroy Club Penguin Island.
  • Bambadee: It's the Protobot from my world. He capture a puffle from the Box Dimension and headed from nowhere.
  • EPF Director: I think he may not have a affect from the aliens. I locate every EPF agent to find that Protobot enemy.
  • Mumble: Wait. He is in all worlds?
  • EPF Director: Not just the universe itself. The whole mutiverse. We have defeated every villain over the past 2000 years.
  • Mumble: Wait. That means me and Bambadee are in 4014?
  • EPF Director: Yes. We are in the year 4014 right now and i'm glad you two should came to help.
  • Bambadee: We're on a mission. We can find Protobot in time and shut him down for good.
  • Mumble: Or how about we destroy him and never use him again.
  • EPF Director: Promise you two will stop Protobot?
  • Bambadee: Yes.
  • Gary 3000: We're counting on you two.
  • Mumble: We will do it for justice. And we'll be right back.
  • Gary 3000: No trouble. No mental problem. No mistake. Got it?
  • Mumble: Yes. Right at peace.
  • Bambadee: I will watch the sky if Protobot is doing any bad things to the island.
  • Gary 3000: Okay you two. You're off to go and make sure you don't let any alien coming toward us.
  • Mumble: We will. No aliens at all. *close office door and left with Bambadee*
  • Gary 3000: Well, i'll go grab a bag of chips for lunch.

(Outside of the town zone)

  • Bambadee: So Mumble, what can we do now?
  • Mumble: Hey look. There's music on a dance club.
  • Bambadee: A dance club? I didn't know they have that.
  • Mumble: Well come on, let's take a look then.
  • Bambadee: Wait a minute. We're on a quest to stop Protobot. How can we do two things at the same time?
  • Mumble: It doesn't matter. Come on then. It's going to be fun.
  • Bambadee: Alright. We better be going to the Dance Dome.

(Inside of the Dance Dome, a space squid is playing some music with all of the space penguins dancing. Food and drinks are serve for everyone on the table and bar. Bambadee and Mumble enter the Dance Dome.)

  • Mumble: We are here and what is that space squid doing here?
  • Bambadee: Well, he is just playing some music. This is like the Dance Club from the past time.
  • Mumble: Kind of. How about we go get a drink or something.
  • Bambadee: Sure thing.

(At the drink zone)

  • Bambadee: Hello sir, may i have two slushes for me and my penguin buddy?
  • Drink Waiter: Sure. Here you go.
  • Bambadee: Thanks. *sip* This taste great.
  • Mumble: *sip* Yeah. Looks juicy to me.
  • Bambadee: How could it be juicy? It's not a smoothie or a soda.
  • Mumble: Well, that's good.

(Meanwhile in space, 11 UFO ships are heading to Earth as they shoot all of the meteor rocks to find Earth)

  • Alien Captain: Ah, Earth. The planet we all have been waiting for. Protobot want us to destroy this planet just to destroy all penguins. Let's go in! *enter Earth with the rest of the UFOs*

(Back at the Dance Dome, Bambadee and Mumble relax at the pool)

  • Pool Guy #1: Looking sharp.
  • Pool Guy #2: Ah. Fresh and relaxable.
  • Bambadee: This is some good stuff.
  • Mumble: Look like a jacuzzi to me.
  • Bambadee: Except when it doesn't have bubbles when the meter is not on.
  • Mumble: This is alway great. Alway great to be fun.
  • Bambadee: The air. Feel so fresh.
  • Pool Guy #3: That's the beauty of it.

(Outside, the UFO ships came to the island to spy)

  • Alien Captain: Now to prank them. Destroy the mountain.

(One UFO ship lanuch a rocket and destroy the mountain, making the penguins shock)

  • Space Penguin #1: What was that?
  • Space Penguin #2: Oh no. Look up, i see ALIENS!
  • Alien Captain: Kill them all.

(The UFOs started shooting the penguins, making some of them run away in panic)

  • Space Penguin #3: Aliens! They're real!

(Back at the Dance Dome)

  • Mumble: What is that sound coming from?
  • Bambadee: I don't know. Maybe they're filming a movie like in the other world we warped too.

(The Alien Captain shoot at the Dance Dome, making everyone panic and run away)

  • Bambadee: Alien!
  • Alien Captain: My alien minions, make them suffer!

(10 of the alien minions came out of the Alien Captain's UFO ship to charge and shoot againist the penguins. The Space Squid came and fight againist the alien penguins.)

  • Alien Captain: We are here to invade for our commander Protobot!
  • Bambadee: Protobot?
  • Mumble: Protobot is there! He must be somewhere around this planet.
  • Space Squid: A little help you two?
  • Bambadee: Let's kick some alien butt!

(Bambadee and Mumble begin to fight againist the aliens. Mumble kick butt on two as Bambadee stole one of the laser guns and shoot one of them.)

  • Bambadee: Laser tag! *shoot a alien*
  • Alien Captain: Darn it! I'll be back!

(Gary 3000 and the EPF Director left the Space Academy, to see what is happening outside)

  • Gary 3000: What is going on?
  • EPF Director: Gary, there is a alien invasion going on. Send out the EPF agents in!

(The EPF Agents inside their ships arrive to shoot one of the UFO ships, crashing two of them down with several escaping)

  • Alien Penguin #1: Let's go!
  • Alien Penguin #2: I'll take you down.
  • EPF Agent #1: Shoot shoot shoot!
  • EPF Agent #2: Let's go! *shoot two of the aliens*

(Most of the UFO ships shoot and destroy one of the trees and places on the island)

  • Bambadee: What is going on? My world never had a invasion like this.
  • Mumble: Look like Protobot has made some friends just to destroy the lifesphere of the world.
  • Bambadee: Come on. We must use one of the penguin ships to shoot them down.
  • Mumble: Let's go.

(Bambadee and Mumble get on the penguin UFO ships and start flying with them to stop the alien UFO ships)

  • Alien Captain: What that? Stop the penguins!

(The UFO ships shoot againist Bambadee and Mumble's UFO ships as some aliens escape to attack the space penguins)

  • EPF Agent #3: Stop the aliens!

(More EPF agents came to shoot on the aliens)

  • Alien Penguin #3: Ow!
  • Alien Penguin #4: Ooh.
  • Alien Penguin #5: No!
  • EPF Agent #4: Got them.

(The UFO ships started a chase againist the penguin UFO ships)

  • Bambadee: Oh no. This is like a game now.
  • Alien Captain: Chase them and capture them.

(The UFOs chased the penguin UFO ships as Bambadee shoot on one and make the UFO crash on the snow)

  • Alien Captain: You killed my friends on that UFO ship!
  • Mumble: Hurry. We don't have much time.
  • Alien Captain: You are going to lose.

(The UFO ships spread around in a circle and chase in a zig zag and through the destroyed mountains. One UFO crash on the sharp ice, making 7 UFO ships chasing the penguin UFO ships.)

  • Alien Captain: Not again! I'll kill you all and make you into slaves!
  • Mumble: We better be on the lookout.
  • Bambadee: Right on Mumble.

(Back at the alien invasion, most of the penguins are escaping as the EPF agents kill one of the aliens)

  • EPF Director: That's a few of them.
  • EPF Agent #1: Director, they are 7 UFO ships chasing one of the stolen UFO ships for penguins.
  • Gary 3000: Oh my. What the worst could happen to us?

(Back at the chase)

  • Alien Captain: Aliens, go stop the penguins on your own. You're making me nervous.
  • Alien Penguin #6: Okay captain, we're going in.

(6 UFO ships started to attack everything on the island)

  • Gary 3000: Now they are attacking us. Run!
  • EPF Director: Agents, lanuch your weapons and fire at the ships.
  • EPF Agent #1: We're in.

(The EPF agents fire and lanuch the attacks on the UFO ships. One is down and crashed on the tree.)

  • EPF Agent #2: Boom! One down. Five more to go.
  • EPF Agent #3: One of them is getting off.
  • EPF Agent #4: Let's figh those aliens. Shall we?

(The EPF agents fight off the aliens as two UFO ships crash together and bomb the Dance Dome down)

  • Space Squid: The Dance Dome! It's gone!
  • Alien Penguin #7: Get the squid.
  • Alien Penguin #8: Capture it.
  • EPF Agent #5: Shoot it now!

(The EPF Agents shoot the rest of the aliens as the three UFO ships landed with aliens ready to attack in person)

  • EPF Agent #6: Oh no. Now there's more.
  • EPF Agent #1: What you learned on your exam test is to shoot the alien.
  • EPF Agent #6: That what i'm talking about.
  • Space Squid: *set a bomb* Hehehe. These ships are no more. *throw three bombs at each UFO ship to destroy*
  • Alien Penguin #9: Our ships!
  • Alien Penguin #10: Oh no!

(The alien penguins are now defeated)

  • EPF Agent #1: Mission Accomplished.
  • EPF Agent #2: We did it. We kill all of the aliens.
  • EPF Director: Good job everyone. You defeated all the aliens invading our planet.
  • Gary 3000: Director, there is one more chasing Bambadee and Mumble.
  • EPF Director: Darn it! That is one big UFO ship chasing the two of them.
  • EPF Agent #1: This is some serious trouble.

(Meanwhile in the sky, Bambadee and Mumble are being chased by the Alien Captain's UFO)

  • Alien Captain: I will get all of you to trouble!
  • Bambadee: There is only one UFO left to stop.
  • Mumble: Let's get away from him into the water.
  • Bambadee: Hey. Good idea.

(The three of them headed underwater as the Alien Captain try to move underwater with his UFO)

  • Alien Captain: I have a special upgrade to use. *press the button and his UFO upgrades to a Aqua Grabber-like submarine* I gotta get these fools out of my sight! *chase them*
  • Mumble: Oh no. Now he's chasing us.
  • Bambadee: Move faster!

(Bambadee and Mumble speed up their UFOs as the Alien Captain use his rockets to destroy one of the corals and rocks to go after them)

  • Mumble: He's destroying the sealife underwater.

(Puffer fishes came to puff out)

  • Bambadee: Uh oh, LEFT!

(The UFO ships move from side to side from the puffer fish)

  • Alien Captain: That's it. I had enough. *use his laser attack and destroy most rocks into the sea, making the fishes swim away*

(A shark set a deep stare at the UFOs and chase them)

  • Mumble: Shark attack!
  • Bambadee: Come on, let's move faster from two enemies behind.
  • Alien Captain: You won't get away with this.

(Eels started to pop out and electric the Alien Captain)

  • Alien Captain: *zap* AHHHH! EELS! I HATE EELS! *shoot one of the eels and freeze the shark*
  • Mumble: Oh no. He done it again.
  • Alien Captain: I got you two now.
  • Bambadee: Go up!

(Bambadee and Mumble headed up as the Alien Captain head up in the sky)

  • Mumble: Where those aliens came from?
  • Bambadee: I don't know. From outer space!
  • Alien Captain: HEY! TALKING ABOUT OUR SPECIES?! NOW YOU PAY IT! *shoot Mumble's UFO ship*
  • Mumble: *jump off his UFO ship and ride on Bambadee's*
  • Bambadee: Hey.
  • Mumble: The alien got me.
  • Bambadee: We must stop this invader from us.
  • Alien Captain: *target two penguins* Ah ha. My lucky shot. *shoot*
  • Bambadee: *hold Mumble and jump off his UFO ship from destroying and landed into the Alien Captain's UFO ship* Hey loser.
  • Alien Captain: HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! *break the glass*
  • Mumble: Wanna piece of this? *kick the captain's head*
  • Alien Captain: Ow.

(The UFO ship move in zig zag, almost crashing to the mountain)

  • Mumble: We're gonna crash to the mountains.
  • Bambadee: How do we escape?
  • Mumble: Let's jump off.
  • Alien Captain: No. You wreck my ship!
  • Bambadee: *hold Mumble* Sorry captain, your days are over. *jump off the UFO ship*
  • Alien Captain: Oh no. *crash into the mountain and landed into a pile of snow*

(Everyone back at the town cheered after the end of the alien invasion)

  • Gary 3000: We did it! The aliens are down.
  • EPF Director: Good work for those two.

(The two penguins landed in the snow for safety)

  • Mumble: Tough landing.
  • Bambadee: We made it. The aliens are dead. Now i hope we can face Protobot next and return home in harmony.
  • Mumble: Look, there's people.

(The penguins came, holding Bambadee and Mumble up for the defeat of the aliens)

  • Space Penguin #1: You saved our home!
  • Future Penguin #1: Good for you.
  • Future Penguin #2: You done well.
  • Space Penguin #2: You did it!
  • Bambadee: We did it? We are the heroes.
  • Mumble: Finally. That give a little good evince on something we do.
  • Bambadee: Yeah. No more UFO ships around.
  • Gary 3000: Congratulations boys, you save our planet from those nasty aliens.
  • Mumble: Thank you Gary. We all did and came to help.
  • EPF Director: As a reward, you are now the guardians of this planet.
  • Mumble: Guardians?
  • Bambadee: That's good. That means we are the heroes afterwards.
  • Mumble: Yes. I hope i can get back to my home someday.
  • Bambadee: We'll see about that emperor.


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