Dancing in the Snow is the first episode of Happy Feet: The Series written by MarioFan65. It is currently unfinished at the moment.


At Penguin-Land, Graduation Day was announed by Noah and Mumble need some tap dancing practice from the help of Lauren and the Amigos.


At Penguin-Land Mumble waves and say "Hi" to Gloria and she says, "Hi Mumble and it is nice to see you". Mumble says, "Good to you Gloria and is there something wrong". Gloria says, "No Mumble and do you know that Graduation Day is coming?". Mumble says, "Yeah but i can't go there anymore because of my singing". Gloria says, "Well it's okay and i will sing Somebody to Love again like the last Graduation Day we have". Mumble says, "Well, i need to get help from Lauren and the Amigos so i dance in the snow". Gloria says, "Sound good to you Mumble". Mumble says, "Thanks but i have to go BYE". Gloria says bye to Mumble and he headed over to Adélie-Land and the screen faded black to the theme song of the series.

More Coming Soon.

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