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Dinosaurs are prehistoric reptiles known all over the world. But only a few dinosaurs are native to Antarctica, the rest are visitors or introduced. Most dinosaurs are concentrated in North America and Asia.


Dinosaurs vary in appearance, although they can be confused with each other, for instance, all big theropods were called carnosaurs and all small theropods were called coelurosaurs. The easiest ways to tell a dinosaur apart is that all walk upright, the theropods all walk on two legs, all sauropods have long necks, all hadrosauroids have duck-shaped muzzles(which is why they're called duckbills), all dromaeosaurs have the large toe claws, all ceratopsians have horns, frills and rostrals(except for the oldest genus), all spinosaurs have crocodile-looking heads and teeth, all abelisaurids have the shortest arms of all taxons, all ornithomimosaurs look like ostriches(which is why they are called ostrich dinosaurs), and all stegosaurs have plates.

Dinosaurs can live in any habitat and climate, including the poles. It has been debated about dinosaurs being warm-blooded or cold-blooded, but some of their bones have shown them to be both at once(we don't know how), and dinosaurs behave more like warm-blooded animals than cold-blooded ones.(I'm labeling them as both)

The coloring of dinosaurs is unknown, except for Sinosauropteryx, Microraptor, Sinornithosaurus and Archaeopteryx, for the rest, it is a random color picked by the illustrators.

Note; Pterosaurs, sauropterygians, plesiosaurs, ichthyosaurs, placodonts, and mosasaurs are associated with dinosaurs, but are not exactly dinosaurs themselves as they are often considered to be, instead they are pseudo-dinosaurs.

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