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Doodle Jump: Happy Feet Edition is a platforming jumping game for iOS and Android devices created by MarioFan65.


In Antarctica on Penguin-Land, Noah announed that it's fishing day and Mumble and his son Erik take him to go fishing with the Emperor Penguins and Mumble says, "Erik if you want to get a fish you have to use your fishing rod". Then Erik says, "I know dad and i can do it by my own than Lauren's". Erik put his rod to the water and then a fish bite it and Erik used his thing to get his fish and then HE GOT IT! :). Erik says, "DAD I GOT A FISH". Mumble says, "You did it Erik and now were winning". A skua named Alpha Skua stole a fish and the Emperor Penguins finds out that a skua have arrive and everyone runs for there lives except Mumble and Erik. Erik says, "HEY HE STOLE MY FISH". Mumble says, "Oh no it's can't be". A flashback appears from the movie "Happy Feet" when Alpha Skua put his feet to Mumble (as a baby) and He runs away from the Skuas and hide before the Skuas fly away and then the flashback is over and Mumble says, "Erik we have to go to Cloudy Land because Darksmoke is finally gone and melted from his Ice Penguin form". Erik says, "Look dad it's sqaure clouds and let hop in to stop Alpha". Mumble says, "Great idea Erik". Mumble and Erik hop into the clouds and the game begins.

Playable charactersEdit


  • Original
  • Doodle (Unlocked by getting 5000 points)
  • Animated (Unlocked by getting 10,000 points)


  • Single Player
    • Levels
      • Easy
      • Meldum
      • Hard
      • Enemy
    • Multiplayer
      • Jumping Contest - for 2 players, if you jump as many high, you win and if not, you lose.


  • This is the third Happy Feet game to be released on a app after Happy Feet Two: The Penguin App and Happy Feet Two: Erik's Adventure.
  • This game is also free and it is only available on the tablet.

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