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Doomberg Cave
Ice Cave by Zen Master
Greater Location Doomberg
Residents Dark Clouds
Inhabitants Darkeo and other dark clouds
Events N/A
Not to be confused with Doomberg.

Doomberg Cave is a large ice cavern located in the inside of the Doomberg from the fan-game Happy Feet Racing and in the fan-fiction Happy Feet Four (MarioFan65's Version) by MarioFan65. It is ruled by Darkeo and 1000 new dark clouds created by him.


At the beginning of Happy Feet Two, the water was dripping down to the ice and then it begins to crack as the pieces of Antarctica were cracking apart. When the Doomberg is defeated by The Penguins, The Krills, The Elephant Seals, and The Mighty Sven, everyone was getting out of Emperor-Land and however, the cave that is located at the underground had surived. The cavern was filled more and breaking down the ice since there was a snowstorm in Happy Feet Two.

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