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Erik's full-body view
Gender Male
Relatives Father: Mumble
Mother: Gloria
Grandfathers: Memphis
and Maurice
Grandmothers: Norma Jean
and Michelle
Appearance Black Eyes: Blue Eyes
Voiced By Ava Acres (speaking)
Elizabeth Daily (singing)
Troy Roberts (reboot film and Animated)

Erik is a male baby emperor penguin and a character from the Happy Feet franchise. He is the son of Mumble and Gloria and also friends with Boadicea and Atticus.


Erik is the main character in Happy Feet Two. He and Mumble have not been getting along because of Erik's refusal to try to find a passion. Erik asks why he would want to dance, and Mumble replies, "...the only way to find out, is to try it." Mumble promises that no one would laugh at him if he tried, and Erik did. After a couple seconds of trying he twirls out of control and slips, sliding down a small hill, up a ramp, and plants himself headfirst into the snow. The group of penguins watching him laugh and Erik loses all his confidence, hiding in a small ice crevice. This is the beginning of the adventure, that turns rescue mission, that Mumble, Erik, Boadicea, and Atticus go on which is the main plot of Happy Feet Two.


Erik is naturally shy. He is never seen fully participating, successfully, at least, with the other penguins' dances. Because he is shy, usually lets Bo or Atticus do the talking, but will occasionally say a few words. he has apparently been known to get frustrated and not know how to calm himself. When he meets Sven, he looks to him as his hero, then notices that the true hero is his own father. He cares for his friends and loves his parents.


Erik is the smallest emperor penguin chick with blue eyes (brown at the end of the first movie), and a bowtie like his father Mumble.

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

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  • In Happy Feet 0.75, the character Hellas introduces himself to Mumble as "Hellas, Son of Erik". This could possibly be where Mumble first heard the name from in this continuity.
  • Erik has the ability to build and operate machines, this is shown in Happy Feet: The Final Stretch.
  • In the Fanfiction series "Mumble SquarePants", Erik has the same Personality, but IQ has been Lowered by 1%, but he is still Likeable.