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"Esequiel, Montay, Shippo & Josesito" is the twenty-first and first episode of the third season of Happy Peep written by MarioFan65 and directed by Penguin-Lover.

This episode feature Esequiel, Montay, Shippo and Josesito as the main characters of the episode. Their world is under attack by the hands of a evil emperor Vikram, who caused to destroy the planet. It's up to them to save the world from Vikram and his minions.

This episode of the "Esequiel, Montay, Shippo & Josesito" long-running series included five sequels titled, "Esequiel, Montay, Shippo & Josesito 2: Darktisk's Fury", "Esequiel, Montay, Shippo & Josesito 3: The New Kid", "Esequiel, Montay, Shippo & Josesito 4: Into the Internet World", "Esequiel, Montay, Shippo & Josesito 5: Future Takeover", "Esequiel, Montay, Shippo & Josesito 6: The Final Bout", "Esequiel, Montay, Shippo & Josesito 7: The Iburlis Trigger" and "Esequiel, Montay, Shippo & Josesito 8: The Case of the Missing Diamond".

A spin-off based on the episodes titled The Esequiel, Montay, Shippo & Josesito Show was released on Summer 2015.





  • Esequiel is seen as a chick again after "Tickle Torment Future", "The Story of Esequiel the Tickle Inventor" and "The Cape Adare BBQ".
  • Josesito appears as the main character when he was a chick after "The Story of Esequiel the Tickle Inventor".
    • He is also a chick in the beginning of "The Cape Adare BBQ".
  • Esequiel invented something new along with Josesito where they can be chicks again and change them back into adults at the end of the episode.
  • "My Humps" by The Black Eyed Peas is the main theme of this episode as "You Spend my Spendin' (I Stay No More)".
  • Montay (MarioFan65's Character)
    In the hero poster, Montay's old look is used instead of his new look due to Baby Esequiel's artwork having Montay's similar new look from his appearance.
  • The title is a reference to the relationship that happen in Season 2's episode "Tickle Torment Future 2: Stuck in Prehistory".
  • This is the first episode that more penguins can fly like Feather. The first was "The Fish Job".
  • One of Beny's robots are recreated by Vikram, along side with Robot Cam Penguin.
  • "That's All I Need" return in this episode since "The Story of Esequiel the Tickle Inventor".
  • Adélie Mall from Happy Feet Racing 4 make an appearance in this episode.
  • When Montay mention that Vikram beat up two adelie penguin chicks when he was a baby, the two chicks that were beaten up by Vikram could possibly be one of the two like Carlos and Blazer or Dylan and Ting-Ting.
  • This is one of the most successful Happy Peep episodes to date.

In DevelopmentEdit

  • The episode was originally titled as "Dylan, Kristoff, Andreas & Josesito" when Esequiel, Montay, Shippo and Josesito are superheroes, but the title has to be changed due to unknown reasons.


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