Finding a Fast Food Restaurant is a Happy Feet fan-fiction short written by MarioFan65.



The short begins at Emperor-Land when Penguin Elementary was over and Erik returned with his mother and father.

  • Erik: Mom, Dad!
  • Mumble and Gloria: Erik!
  • Erik: It's good to see you guys.
  • Mumble: How did you do at school today.
  • Erik: Great and i am planing to get a heartsong like your mother and father has.
  • Mumble: Oh and this is why i can't sing since i was a little baby like your age.
  • Erik: What did they do to you.
  • Mumble: Well, they laugh at me, the skuas give me a bow-tie, everyone kicked me out of the party, and then, i met Ramón and his Amigos since they were at Adelie-Land.
  • Erik: I never went there before.
  • Mumble: Well, Ramón and his family bought them in a new Adelie-Land when Roy and his elders celebreate by defeating the Alpha Skua.
  • Erik: Man, i'm hungry.
  • Mumble: Me too and let's go to a fast food restaurant.
  • Gloria: Mumble!, we live on the ice!
  • Mumble: Who cares Gloria and i'm going with my son
  • Gloria: Then, i don't come! >:(
  • Mumble: Fine!, you leave us alone!
  • Erik: What happen?
  • Mumble: My wife is annoying and she needs to stop.
  • Erik: Does she have to listen to her father
  • Mumble: Yeah and we need to go
  • Erik: Okey Dokie

When Mumble and Erik leaves Emperor-Land, they went to Snowy Plains, and found a fast food restaurant called "Fishy O'Monday's".

  • Mumble: Fishy O'Monday's?
  • Erik: I never heard of it
  • Mumble: Let's go

When Mumble and Erik enters Fishy O'Monday's, they saw a ice floor and a ice glass.

  • Mumble: Let's get our food
  • Erik: All right

The manager name is a emperor penguin and let's continue the story

  • Fishy O'Monday's Manager: Welcome to Fishy O'Monday's and may a take your order?
  • Mumble: I want 5 fishes, a kid's meal for my son, and a soda please
  • Fishy O'Monday's Manager: I'm sorry, we do not sell soda here and can you repeat your order?
  • Mumble: What?
  • Fishy O'Monday's Manager: Oh i forgot, i have a meeting so the place have to be close.
  • Mumble: Ahhhhh suck this place! and this is worst than being dropped by an egg!
  • Erik: Mumble!, i found a good restaurant on the left called "Fish King"!
  • Mumble: Hi, i need to go and bye.

Mumble and his son begins to leave Fishy O'Monday's

  • Fishy O'Monday's Manager: Man, those guins are trolls.

(Before the story ends, Mumble and Erik went to Fish King while they serve there order and it works! Inside of Fish King)

  • Erik: This is the best lunch ever!
  • Mumble: It's your lucky day Erik and next time, we would go there again with Gloria and Ramón.
  • Erik: But what about the Amigos?
  • Mumble: There coming too and we have to go there next time.
  • Erik: Um, Okay.
  • Mumble: Your welcome.


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