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Emperor Penguins graduating from Emperor-Land

Graduation Day is a special day where all penguin species graduate and goes off to dive into the sea for the first time in the Happy Feet fan-fictions.


Every month and year, when the penguins get older, they start to graduate according to their elders and leaders of every penguin-land. They first put their feathers to the sky and leave off to sea. Then, they jump to the water to get fishes, squid, krill, and shrimp as their snack, lunch, and dinner.

At night, someone will perform a song that is not their heartsong but sometimes, they can sing their heartsongs in the Graduation Concert. After they all celebrate in Graduation Day, the penguins will return to their homes and start off with Mating Season to the beginning all over.


Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

Here are all the fanfictions that this event makes an appearance in that are on this wiki:

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