Happy Feet Two Erik and Mumble Everything out there is Fandom

This story is a fanfiction, meaning it is a theory of what might have or might happen. You might be surprised of the authors point of view.

Happy Feet The Valentine's Special Logo

Happy Feet: The Valentine's Special is a Happy Feet Fan-Fiction Special written by MarioFan65 and Penguin-Lover.




  • The timeline of this story takes place after the events of Happy Feet Two and Club Penguin And Happy Feet The Crossover.
  • Miami Beach is mentioned in this story as Mumble got washed up there on a beach.
  • This is the first MarioFan65's Happy Feet Fan-Fiction to be a holiday special.
  • Will mentions Club Penguin Island from Club Penguin which is set after the events of Club Penguin And Happy Feet The Crossover.


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