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This article is about the story. For the franchise, see Happy Feet 0.5 (franchise).

Happy Feet 0.5 is a fanfiction movie written by johnpatgillespie. It is a midquel to Happy Feet which takes place after the scene where Mumble meets the skuas but before the graduation.

Characters Edit

Chapter GuideEdit

Warning: The following story contains possibly disturbing content such as violence, possible bad language, sex references and drug use. From this point on, you're reading this at your own risk. Johnpatgillespie.

1.Prologue/Mumble tells a story

2.Not that long ago!

3.Meeting Chrysta

4.Meeting Johnny

5.Friends to the end

6.The Ballad of Cliff Wolfsworth

7.The Golden Skua

8.Saturday Night

9.Chrysta gets humiliated

10.Group Therapy

11.Chrysta vs Gloria

12. Everyone will see

13.Winter Barnes

14.The rivalry

15.Chrysta's nightmare

16.The final exam

17.Chrysta's black eye

18.The recital


20.Katniss beats up Gloria

21.Gloria slaps Mumble

22. Chrysta and Mumble make amends

23.Chrysta runs away

24. Mr Mumble

25.Mumble gets hurt

26.Because you're a freak!

27. The death of Cliff Wolfsworth

28.Gloria gets kidnapped

29.The break-in

30.The battle

31.The party/End credits


  • At 31 Chapters, this was initially the longest story on the Happy Feet Fanon Wiki, only being beaten by Happy Feet - Darker Times' total of 41 chapters.
  • This story has been known for having a much darker tone when compared to the first two films, with themes such as murder, abuse, death, violence and drug use.
  • The role of main antagonist has been the subject of debate since the story's completion. Due to his abusive nature and his plan to destroy Emperor Land, Cliff is considered by many to be the main villain. However, he is killed during the story's third act before the battle begins, leading others to consider Chrysta the story's tragic main antagonist due to her being the character who Mumble fights in the climax, despite her villainous role only just beginning in the story's final four chapters. However, due to her attitude towards Chrysta and her being responsible for most of the conflicts potrayed in the story, a small minority consider Gloria to be the story's unintentional main antagonist, despite her being the character who Mumble saves in the story's final act.
  • Shailene Woodley, Elizabeth Olsen and Karen Gillan were all considered for the role of Chrysta before Idina Menzel was eventually cast. Woodley, Olsen and Gillan would later go on to voice Mary, Meg and Carina respectively.
  • The first chapter was posted on February 28, 2014. The final chapter of Happy Feet 0.95, the finale to the series, was posted on the same day two years later.


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