The sun was shining over New Emperor Land. The colony of Emperor penguins that lived there were living happy, uneventful lives, just the way they Liked it. in a corner of the city, three small toddler penguins; Erik, Bo and Atticus were gathered around Erik's father, Mumble, who was telling them stories of his adventures of his younger days. "And it was thanks to Erik's singing that the elephant seals came to help us, the glacier was destroyed and all the penguins were free" Mumble concluded his story, to which the children replied with a cheer.

"Uncle Mumble, can you tell us a story from when you were a chick?" Atticus asked. Mumble briefly paused before saying "well, Atticus, the first adventure that I ever had was when I brought back the fish to Emperor Land". "Well, I can most certainly disagree with that, Mumble" came a voice from behind him, that without a doubt belonged to his true love Gloria. "Don't you remember, that time whe-

"Nope" Mumble interrupted quickly.

"We were teena-

"You got me on that one"

"With Chrysta and John-

"Nope. I have no recollection of those peo-

"Mumble! Please let me finish".

"I know. I remember. It's just, I don't think that that's the kind of story we should be telling Erik".

"Dad, please, we gotta grow up sometime" Erik pleaded. Mumble glanced at Gloria, who gave him her usual nod of approval. He turned back to the kids and said "Okay, I'll tell you the story. So let's just trace this back a long time ag-

"Aw, is this going one of those boring, historical stories" Bo moaned.

"Someone dies in it" said Gloria.


"So" Mumble continued, "it was a long, LONG time ago."

Next chapter: Not that long ago!

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