The snow fell fast and the wind blew violently on the freezing mountain peak, where a group of courageous emperor penguins, led by the great Guin, trekked up the frozen hillside, in search of their home, Emperor Land, which was under the cruel control of Khan, the one-eyed leopard seal wh-

"Oh, sorry about that, this is a little TOO long a time ago. I was thinking more like, well I don't know, when I was a teenager, about thirteen penguin years. Just flash-forward ever so slightly".


The penguins celebrated their victory after the aliens had decided to ban fishing in Antarctica and return the fish to Emperor Land an-

"Okay, now this is too far forward. Here, just let me do it. For Guin's sake, we really need a new time-line remote. Ah, here we are".

Next chapter: Meeting Chrysta

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