Happy Feet Battle Royale is a upcoming fighting fanon game that will be released on 2018. This game will be owned by MarioFan65 and it will be released on the following consoles, Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS.


  • 1. Mumble (Final Smash: Happy Feet)
  • 2. Erik (Final Smash: Erik's Opera)
  • 3. Gloria (Final Smash: Cheering for Mambo)
  • 4. Ramón (Final Smash: My Way)
  • 5. Nestor (Final Smash: Super Punch)
  • 6. Rinaldo (Final Smash: Snowball Fight)
  • 7. Lombardo (Final Smash: Spiky Sharps)
  • 8. Raul (Final Smash: (Spining Around)
  • 9. Sven (Final Smash: Dragostea din tei)
  • 10. Lovelace (Final Smash: Belly Bam)
  • 11. Terry the Penguin (Final Smash: Ice Spin Beam)
  • 12. Mary (Final Smash: Fireworks)
  • 13. Ashley (Final Smash: Speed Up)
  • 14. Carmen (Final Smash: Walking to People while laying in the water)
  • 15. Seymour (Final Smash: Don't Push Me)
  • 16. Atticus (Final Smash: Papa said "knock them out")

More characters coming soon.


More stages coming soon.


  • If you are playing as Raul, Nestor, Rinaldo, and Lombardo during Ramón's Final Smash, you can see 2 Rauls, Nestors, Lombardos, and Rinaldos.
  • This is the only Happy Feet game to be rated T as Teen because, this game features fighting.

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