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This story is a fanfiction, meaning it is a theory of what might have or might happen. You might be surprised of the authors point of view.

Happy Feet Episode; Clash of the Sea Monsters is a fanfic dedicated to the fanon.

It features a battle between a Liopleurodon and a Megalodon that nearly killed everyone and everything around them as well as themselves, plus a Tylosaurus that attempts to stop both of them, there are also mermaids in this story, based on those from the documentary "Mermaids: the Body Found".


In the depths of the ocean, something is rising, something catastrophic.

Suddenly a large energy wave explodes and spreads far and wide, scaring many sea creatures away.

On an island not far away, a cave with cave-paintings were showing what looks like a prophecy, there was writing that says;

  • two sea monsters that never should have met
  • threaten the world from which they clash
  • thousands would be lost if not for the dance
  • thus the earth turned to the "Happy Feet" and Oración, which were left for the world

Back in the sea, a pair of shadows emerge, one was a Liopleurodon, the other was a Megalodon. The two were at a standoff, then they ram each other, causing more energy waves to ravage, the Liopleurodon unleashes a sonic blast, but the Megalodon dodged and fired a similar sonic blast, the pliosaur swam upwards, but in doing so let it's guard down, the giant shark sneaks up and bites on the plesiosaur's left shoulder, severely crippling it, but the Liopleurodon breaks free, albeit in a lot of pain, and continues to fight back, but now flees, with the Megalodon hot on it's trail.

stay tuned for Happy Feet: Clash of the Sea Monsters, Chapter One



  • The fanfic's plotline is similar to the Pokemon movie The Rise of Darkrai.