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Happy Feet Racing 2 is a fan-made game and the sequel to Happy Feet Racing by MarioFan65.


Retro Features

In this game, it features stuff like designing your own tracks, playing the battle courses, using items, and much more stuff you like

New Features

New features of the game include the possibility to customize your karts, customize your character and the Lovestone collecting. This time, you are able to collect as many Lovestones as you can, but only the first 10 will give extra speed.


Heartsong Cup Penguin Cup Lovestone Cup Special Cup Retro Cup
Mumble Raceway Snowy Circuit Downpour Lake Noah Stadium Penguin Land
Puffin Land Penguin Airport Erik Raceway Enderby Land Doomberg Cave
Forbidden Shore South Orkney Islands Queen Mary Land Pensacola Mountains Elephant Seal Beach
Penguin Gymnasium Snowstorm Mountains Boogie Wonderland Rainbow Galaxy Peter I Island

Battle Courses

Nitro Battle Courses

Retro Battle Courses
Deception Island Big Iceberg (HFR1)
South Pole Water Park
Icy Tower Human Ship
Ice Valley Krill World
Water Cavern Lovelace Raft (also known as Lovelace Float)
Transantarctic Mountains Penguin Castle

Playable Characters


  • Unlike the first game of the series, it features many characters and many fanon characters from the previous game.
  • This is the first Happy Feet Racing game with a secret unlockable character.

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