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Happy Feet Racing 3 is a fan game and the sequel to Happy Feet Racing 2 by MarioFan65.


Happy Feet Racing 3 plays like all of the other Happy Feet Racing games. The goal of the game is to get first place against eleven other racers. The player can use items to his/her advantage, so he/she can win the race.

Playable CharactersEdit

Race CoursesEdit

Nitro Grand PrixEdit

Heartsong Cup Penguin Cup Lovestone Cup Special Cup
Mumble Circuit Snowball Gorge

Crystal Cavern

Black-footed Land
Erik's Water Cave Erik Circuit Walrus Land Foggy Village
Continental Land Rockhopper Land Skua Land Ice Tops
Snowpile Valley Adélie Land Chinstrap Land

Rainbow Planet

Retro Grand PrixEdit

Adelie Cup Iceberg Cup Elder Cup Egg Cup
Mumble Circuit (HFR) Adélie-Land (HFT) Cloudy Land

Polar Bear Land

Puffin Land Penguin Airport Enderby Land Noah Stadium
Snow Hill Island Seymour Island Sven Lake Pensacola Mountains
Penguin Gymnasium Snowstorm Mountains Downpour Lake Skua Fortress

Battle CoursesEdit

New Courses Retro Courses
Elephant Seal Cove Deception Island
Snowy Mountains Frozen Lake
Penguin Sky City Icy Tower
Broken Building North Pole
Sea Valley Water Cavern
Gentoo Beach Emperor Stadium

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