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Happy Feet Saga is a fan game released in 2013 (Europe) and 2014 (Worldwide) for Facebook and smartphones. This game is a Happy Feet themed game and it is made by King (who also did many games like, Candy Crush, Pet Rescue, and much more).

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The game is a variation of "match three" games such as Bejeweled. Each level has a different shaped grid filled with music notes of three to six different colors and sometimes obstacles. The basic move of the game consists of swapping two music notes' positions to align sets of three of the same color, whereupon they disappear, causing music notes above them to collapse into the space left behind, often resulting in chain reactions. Moves and alignments must be horizontal/vertical. The level's objectives must be met before the player runs out of moves (or time on timed levels); in each case, the player must earn enough points to get the first star (out of 3) in the scoring system.


Name of Episode No. of Episode Levels
Penguin Land 1 1-10
Snowy Plains 2 11-20
Watery Lakes 3 21-35
Adelie Land 4 36-50
Elephant Seal Land 5 51-65
Forbidden Shore 6 66-80
Snowstorm Mountains 7 81-95
Downpour Lake 8 96-110
Sven Lake 9 111-125
Chinstrap Land 10 126-140
Black-footed Land 11 141-155
Skua Land 12 156-170
Snowpile Valley 13 171-185
Walrus Land 14 186-200
Cape Adare 15 201-215
Penguin Cove 16 216-230
Snow Hill Island 17 231-245
Tangra Mountains 18 246-260
Doomberg Cave 19 261-275
Emperor Village 20 276-290
Puffin Land 21 291-305
Penguin Airport 22 306-320
Water Cavern 23 321-335
Ice Cavern 24 336-350
Gentoo Land 25 351-365
White Cloud Land 26 366-380
Leopard Seal Swamp 27 381-395
Adélie Land (Pile Section) 28 396-410
Adelie Fishing Grounds 29 411-425
Krill World 30 426-440
Erik's Water Cave 31 441-455
Lake Fryxell 32 456-470
Taylor Valley (Final Episode) 33 471-500


  • Mumble: is the main character of the game. He is a emperor penguin who can't sing but he can do a "tap-dance" called "Happy Feet". He walks the player through the tutorial & will introduce the "Broken Notes Drop Levels". He travels around the game map, and helps others with their problems.
  • Erik: The helper that gives you some tips.


  • The map on Happy Feet Saga is looks like a board game.

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