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The Happy Peep Theme Song is the song that is sung at the beginning of every Happy Peep episode by TBA.


(In the ocean close to Antarctica)


"This way to Antarctica

As Soon As You Enter

You'll Feel like a Penguin"

(Emperor penguins are seen walking in a straight line and changes to Mumble, Ramón, Erik and Montay tapping and dancing)

"We are the Happy Peep penguins"

Mumble: Mumble

Ramón: Ramón

Montay: Montay

Erik: Erik

Mumble: We all liked each other.

All: We all live in a warmer home.

Mumble: Mumble

Ramón: Ramón

Montay: Montay

Erik: And me.

Montay: We all protect ourselves from the skuas coming from us.

(It changes to Mumble, Ramón, Montay and Erik tapping and holding together)

  • Mumble: There are many penguins that you would like to meet.
  • Atticus: I'm Atticus, the best rapper penguin in the world.
  • Esequiel: I'm Esequiel, the famous tickle inventor here.
  • Noah the Elder: I'm Noah the Elder, the leader of Penguin-Land.
  • Carmen: And i'm Carmen, the mate of Ramón.

(Everyone else are marching together with all of the main characters of Happy Peep)

"And we are the Happy Peep penguins

Everyone is here to get tickled

And we are the Happy Peep penguins

And the adventures is now here to go"


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