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John the Baker
John the Baker (HFFW)
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Appearance Hat: Snow Chef Hat
Eyes: Light Blue
Voiced By Benjamin Bratt

John (also known as John the Baker) is a fan-made character by MarioFan65. He is a cooking chef and a male african penguin that lives in Black-footed Land. He is known to be the best cooking chef in Antarctica. He is the owner of the restaurant Penguin-razzi. His heartsong is "Don't Stop the Party" by Pitbull.


John has 5 spots on his belly like the other african penguins have and he has a snow chef hat on his head. He also has light blue eyes.

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

Here are all the fanfictions that this character makes an appearance in that are on this wiki:


  • He cook fish and other crustaceans around the sea and ocean.
  • His favorite food is fish and his favorite dessert is chocolate fried shrimps.
    • It is unrealistic because, penguins cannot eat chocolate, or something that is sweet.
  • This character is named after the name of the pizza restaurant with the same name.
  • As a fan of ice sculptures, he does not makes ice sculptures. But, he only makes snow sculptures.
  • He is voiced by Benjamin Bratt who also voiced Manny in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs franchise and El Macho in Despicable Me 2.
  • He is a friend of Manny and Eddie.

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