This is the list of episodes from the fan made Animated Series, Happy Feet: The Series.

Season 1 (2014)Edit

# Title Summary Airdate
1 Dancing in the Snow At Penguin-Land, Graduation Day was announed by Noah and Mumble need some tap dancing practice from the help of Lauren and the Amigos

Early 2016

2 Leopardy Fury


Early 2016
3 The Racing Tourament Part I TBA Early 2016
4 The Racing Tourament Part II TBA Early 2016
5 The Humans (Aliens) Goes to Antarctica TBA TBA
6 100% Crazy After the Humans take care of the Penguins before they leave The Five Amigos went to a snowy spot to tell a story again called "The Story of The Five Amigos" but they find out that the Emperor Penguins from Penguin-Land are doing a funny play and it's make Ramón laugh and can the 4 Amigos stop him from Laughing? TBA
7 WRECK DA BUILDING Mumble, Gloria, and Erik were taking a walk to Queen Maud Land but Mumble finds out that there building in Queen Maud Land and Mumble plans to make a Building (made of ice) and Mumble get help from Penguin Land, AL, and Lorry Rickerson. They decide to make a show called "WRECK DA BUILDING" by useing stuff to make Live-Action shows. TBA
8 The Downpour Part I TBA TBA
9 The Downpour Part II TBA TBA
10 The Doomberg Returns Part I After the water got drowned in Antarctica (from the Downpour), the Doomberg is finally back and becomes huge and the Aliens (Humans) discover that the piece of Emperor-Land was gone and have the Emperor Penguins old home alive and the Doomberg begins to hit a piece of Antarctica and will this continent crack into 9 pieces? Find Out Now on Happy Feet: The Series. TBA
11 The Doomberg Returns Part II TBA TBA
12 A Trip to Snow Hill Island TBA TBA
13 The Bedtime Story TBA TBA
14 Skua Attack TBA TBA
15 Mumble's Day Off TBA TBA

Season 2 (TBA)Edit

# Title Summary Airdate
16 The Girls Hang Out TBA TBA
17 Penguin High TBA TBA
18 Capture in Orvin Mountains TBA TBA
19 Sven's Help from Sandeggtind Peak TBA TBA
20 Escape from Queen Maud Land TBA TBA
21 Return to White Cloud Land TBA TBA
22 Kung Fu Penguin TBA TBA
23 Traveling to South Orkney Islands TBA TBA
24 Pool Party TBA TBA
25 Darksmoke Returns Part I In White Cloud Land, 2 emperor penguin guards found a cloud ball that is a dark cloud and they had discover that, more dark clouds have arrive and that means, Darksmoke is back! and he is here for his revenge and White Cloud Land has been controlled and transformed to Dark Cloud Land and Everyone has been capture and putted in Prison and all of the Dark Clouds have been formed to Dark Cloud Penguins and Darksmoke is now an emperor penguin again and will Mumble stop the war againist White and Dark? TBA
26 Darksmoke Returns Part II TBA TBA
27 Ashley is Captured Part I TBA TBA
28 Ashley is Captured Part II TBA TBA
29 Ashley is Captured Part III TBA TBA
30 A Ice City in the Sky (Season Finale) TBA TBA

Season 3 (TBA)Edit

# Title Summary Airdate
31 Penguin on the Range Erik is tired of being grounded and he wanted to find a place where he can be alone but he tries the Time Machine to enter a west that has been for 100 trillion years before the Prehistoric Arc and the creation of Antarctica. Mumble and his friends begins to find him before Boss Skua captures him.


32 Legends of the Doomberg Cave TBA
33 The Penguin Species Meet the Walruses TBA
34 The Mighty Sven After the Penguin Species meet the Walruses, Tamón and Ramón went to the Doctor Cave of Adélie-Land while everyone is sleeping and his grandfather knowns about Sven and this story will tell you about Sven past in this episode. TBA
35 Continental Drift When Bill and Will are searching for food, they break up the mountain and head over to the Earth Core to inadvertently causes the break up of Pangaea. Everything on Earth is cracking apart and rocks are breaking ices of Antarctica. Mumble and his friends goes on a adventure on this 1 hour special, and can Mumble find his Time Machine before the world becomes destroyed? TBA
36 Free Time on Paulet Island TBA
37 Montay's Choice TBA
38 Call of the Wild TBA
39 The Stolen Egg TBA
40 Happy Feet Special; Return of Prehistory TBA
41 Happy Feet Episode; Clash of the Sea Monsters TBA
42 Happy Feet; Ornithocheirus and the Monster Awakened TBA
43 Training with Esequiel TBA
44 The Final Battle with Boss Skua Part I TBA
45 The Final Battle with Boss Skua Part II (Series Finale) TBA

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