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"Loco House Adventure" is the 57th episode and the second episode of Season 6 from Happy Peep written by MarioFan65. This episode focus on Montay and Aldo having a little vacation together in a ice house, until a strange babysitter came to do wacky stuff.



(In Cape Adare at Montay's Cave Home, Montay was having a nice relax on the bed until his father came to wake him up for the morning)

  • Fastino: Good morning Montay.
  • Montay: Wait, what? I'm late for school.
  • Fastino: No school today. It's only Saturday.
  • Montay: Thank goodness, i'm alive at last.
  • Fastino: Want to have breakfast with us for the moment?
  • Montay: Yeah, i guess so.
  • Fastino: Then come down stairs. I made your favorite fish dish for you.
  • Montay: Oh boy. I hope it could be something like a shrimp appetizer.

(In the living room)

  • Hersila: Good morning boys.
  • Montay: What we're eating?
  • Fastino: I just cooked krill for you guys. I didn't know chefs like John can cook like this.
  • Montay: Yeah. I wish i can be like him in Black-footed Land
  • Hersila: Fresh krill from the land. It taste like shrimp.
  • Montay: *eats* Taste like seafood.
  • Fastino: Uh huh. I thought Arbert make the best seafood in the world.
  • Montay: He's a weddell seal! He can't cook or dance like everyone else in the world. What if a krill crawl in and dance in front of everybody.
  • Fastino: Oh, my bad. I thought he was a elephant seal at first.
  • Montay: You met him before a few years ago, right?
  • Fastino: Yes. Who taught penguins could make salad like the ladybugs?
  • Hersila: I thought penguins only eat fish in the world.
  • Montay: I guess Shouty have a huge appetizer in his homeland. Lucky for him.

(At Aldo's cave home)

  • Aldo: *sleeping*
  • Camilo: Good morning Aldo.
  • Aldo: Aw, dad. I'm here for my breakfast.
  • Camilo: You just wake up already for the start of the day. How are you?
  • Aldo: Tired.
  • Camilo: Come right down. I have fish for you.
  • Aldo: Fish? Really?
  • Camilo: Yes. I know you're gonna love it.

(In the living room)

  • Aldo: Mom, what fish is this?
  • Silvana: Oh, this is salmon. It's a special fish the elders used everyday.
  • Aldo: Wow, can you imagine that?
  • Camilo: I like it. Aldo, you're gonna try it and love it.
  • Aldo: The smell? Not that good.
  • Camilo: I know fish have a sense of smell. Don't make it rotten like a undead adelie penguin.
  • Aldo: Yes. I will eat. *eat the salmon*
  • Camilo: How it taste like?
  • Aldo: It taste good and gooey.
  • Silvana: I love you Aldo. You're the best son that a mother could have.
  • Aldo: Yeah, i have been good since elementary school. I love to have you guys til' i move out of the land.
  • Camilo: You're moving out? But you're still young.
  • Aldo: No, i mean if i get myself a hone, then i should graduate school first.
  • Silvana: Okay then, it's up to you.
  • Aldo: Fine Mom, i'll do my best.
  • Silvana: Good, i hope you have a better life with the adelies someday.

(Meanwhile, Checker and a few adelie penguin workers are looking for Montay and Aldo)

  • Checker: Art, you set up the house.
  • Art: Oh yes i did. It all set up for 3 people alike.
  • Checker: Feige, think you can look for the two people we're searching.
  • Feige: Yes. I'm very concern. You make me wonder for that one hero who save the world all the time.
  • Checker: Boom. Montay. He was the one who fought Lord Darktisk.
  • Feige: I thought he was some type of a cartoon name.
  • Checker: I know everything about these penguins. Burdo wouldn't even think about it when searching for penguins on the computer.
  • Art: There it is. Cape Adare.
  • Checker: Alright. Let's go see Roy and Xever. I hope they pleased us with this approval.

(At Cape Adare)

  • Roy: When the hurricane started to come, we evacuate to another land.
  • Xever: Yes. I remember when the frozen incident was happening on our world last year.
  • Roy: No more snow, all warm.
  • Xever: Penguins are ment to be cold.
  • Roy: We are cold, but we're not sick after all.
  • Xever: Good. I needed in mind.
  • Roy: And i believe a good day will happen.
  • Xever: Yes. A better one.
  • Art: Greetings Roy and Xever.
  • Roy: Art, you came back.
  • Art: Yes. I brought a few friends to check over you.
  • Checker: We need to have a talk.
  • Feige: Yes. It's very important.
  • Roy: Who are you?
  • Feige: I'm Feige.
  • Roy: Feige? Interesting. What brings you here?
  • Feige: Where is the hero Montay.
  • Roy: Montay? Oh my, he lives here.
  • Feige: Fast on track my man. Where is he? We have to talk with him.
  • Roy: He's with his parents, i'll get them.
  • Feige: Go ahead leader.
  • Roy: Montay! Where are you?
  • Xever: They are inside mister.
  • Roy: Oh, my bad.
  • Feige: Ah, they must be in the cave home.

(Back at Montay's cave home in the living room)

  • Montay: Ah, good yummy breakfast.
  • Fastino: I'm the best cook out there.
  • Hersila: You are still my sweetheart.
  • Fastino: I love you too Hersila.
  • Montay: Man. This breakfast is the best. I love it so much.
  • Fastino: I never had another taste like this.
  • Hersila: Me too.
  • Montay: Very good, tasty.
  • Fastino: Uh huh, that's right.



  • This is the first episode where Ting-Ting appears without Carlos, Blazer or Dylan.
  • This is the first episode where one of the skua members appear without Boss Skua.
  • This episode is loosey based on the 2003 The Cat in the Hat movie.
  • This is Canny's first appearance since Happy Feet: A Christmas Carol, making his Happy Peep debut yet.
  • This episode mark the return of Checker since "LOLZ Raul".
  • This is the first episode with Ting-Ting new personality, making him a bit goofy.
  • This episode is known as "Crazy House Adventure" during production. The word 'crazy' was changed to 'loco' for a spanish word, similar to Ramón's loco motion poster in Happy Feet Two.
  • It is revealed that Ting-Ting can invent stuff fast like Esequiel.
  • In the "Fun, Fun, Fun" song, Penguintopia from Penguin Legends make a cameo appearance when the door opens with Ting-Ting as a matador coming by before he close the door from the polar bear chasing in.
    • Penguintopia will also make major appearances in future episodes.