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Manny the African Penguin
Manny the African Penguin
Gender Male
Relatives Mother: Andrea
Father: Dylan
Appearance Black Eyes: Green Eyes
Voiced By Donald Glover

Manny is a male african penguin that lives in Black-footed Land. He is a fan-made character by MarioFan65 and he is the son of Dylan and Andrea. His heartsong is "Forever" by Chris Brown.


Manny has 5 black spots on his belly, black skin, a light and dark grey beak, black feet, and green eyes.


Happy Feet seriesEdit

Manny has a laid-back attitude, which means he is calm most of the time. He's quite happy when he's with his friends and family, also likes to be tickled by friends and family as well.

Happy PeepEdit

Manny, since he's a penguin, he's the most ticklish on his belly and bellybutton. He is also very ticklish in his underarms, sides and feet as well. He just loves being strapped down to a tickle machine and tickled on his five ticklish spots, mainly by robotic hands and the electric toothbrush with the hidden tickle laser.

Those are his two most favorite tickle tools to be tickled with the most. He loves having his belly and bellybutton tickled the most. With how ticklish he is, just a little poke is enough to make him laugh. He even loves being tickled so much, he will want the tickling to go on for hours nonstop. If someone wants to strap him down and tickle him, they will go for his extrememly ticklish white belly with the robotic hands, which the tickle feeling will be unbearable from how tickly the hands are.

Choices of tickle tools to use to tickle the belly, bellybutton, sides, underarms: robotic hands, tickle laser, raspberry blower, electric toothbrush, super vibrator, tickle belt will all have an unbearable tickle feeling.

Choices of tickle tools to use to tickle the feet: feathers, feather rollers, feather dusters, including all listed above.

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

Here are all the fanfictions that this character makes an appearance in that are on this wiki:


  • He is voiced by Donald Glover.
  • He likes to go to the beach with his family.
  • Manny is the second sidekick character that is a different penguin species after Ramón.
  • Manny's favorite restaurant is Penguin-razzi.
  • When Manny was a teen, he gaved Rojas a scar at King Penguin Land.