Melman & Maylene are the children of Trent the Taniwhasaurus and Skyla the Elasmosaurus, they are actually hybrids, Melman is an Elasmosaurus while Maylene is a Taniwhasaurus. They're also twins and enjoy hanging out with Erik, Atticus and Bo (Boadicea).



As the Elasmosaurus, Melman is a slow swimmer, but still is an effective hunter. His eyes are dark grey just like his father, while his skin coloring is random, but still dark-back light-belly colors.


Maylene is the Taniwhasaurus and like one, she is a voracious predator. Her eyes are a dark green just like her mother, while her skin pigment is also random, but still the dark-back light-belly colors.



Melman is very much like his mom, he is excitable and goofy, but also brave. He enjoys the thrill of battling predators of his species and those of his associates, and is sometimes considered an egomaniac, due to considering near-death experiences as entertainment.


Maylene is more like her dad, preferring nice people and rarely tolerates jerks. She too can get temperamental and resentful, but does allow a chance for redemption. She is not as crazy as her brother, as she prefers to think ahead before acting and rarely charges in wildly.


  • Melman & Maylene are among the few hybrids in the franchise, but there's a possibility that Sven is a hybrid too(due to resembling two puffin species at once).

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