Montay gets a Tickle Torment
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"The Ultimate Snowball Fight"


"The Fish Job"

"Montay gets a Tickle Torment" is the ninth episode of Happy Peep written by MarioFan65.



(One day in Cape Adare, it started out when Montay is playing tag at school)

  • Montay: Hey! i want food!
  • Male Adelie Penguin Chick #1: You want some Montay?
  • Male Adelie Penguin Chick #2: Then, come and get it!
  • Montay's teacher: My Class! Line up!
  • Montay: Darn it!
  • Male Adelie Penguin Chick #3: Awwwww man.
  • Cho Cho: Come on Montay, recess is over.
  • Montay: Alright, i'm coming.

(In Class)

  • Montay's teacher: Guys, i know that you did a very good job on the reading test and a 100% on a math quiz and now, class dismissed!
  • Montay: Alright! it's time to go home!
  • Cho Cho: Let's go Montay.

(Meanwhile far far away from Cape Adare, there is a junkyard located in Beardmore Glacier as Lord Darktisk is falling asleep)

  • Lord Darktisk: Hmmmmm, *his fire starts to burn out and destroy the junkyard*

(The junkyard was burned and melted when the song "Only a Chilling Elegy" from Dragon Ball Z Kai begins to play)

  • Lord Darktisk: Well, well, well, I AM BACK FOR REVENGE! I AM NOW BACK IN ANTARCTICA! DARKSMOKE, YOU STINK! *get shocked when he hears about Montay getting tickled* A strange power level coming from a baby. Well, i'm going straight to Cape Adare to kill everyone HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Now back at Cape Adare)

  • Roy the Elder: Hello everyone, i am holding fishes for you guys to eat because there fried.
  • Xever the Elder: One per day!
  • Montay: Oh boy, i can't wait to get a tickle torment and what are we gonna do?
  • Cho Cho: Well, were adelie penguins and we can enjoy any fun we have.
  • Fastino: There you are.
  • Montay: Dad, no!
  • Hersila: Montay! we were looking for you all over around Cape Adare.
  • Montay: But i want to go to Cho Cho's nest.
  • Fastino: First of all, no one have a house except Roy and what is the matter with you?

(Laser shots were being hear by penguins when the skuas are falling and dying by one of Darktisk's attacks)

  • Roy the Elder: What is that?
  • Montay: Mom! Dad! Esequiel is here and he's killing all the skuas!

(Everyone were shocked about the news)

  • Montay: What is it?
  • Cho Cho's Dad: There is an emperor penguin with a red mouth is killing everyone around Antarctica.
  • Roy the Elder: Should it be DARKSMOKE!?
  • Xever the Elder: Darksmoke didn't start all of this, he's defeated already in Penguin Hell.
  • Roy the Elder: Oh.
  • Montay: That demon should be back somewhere around the Antarctic.
  • Cho Cho: Maybe we can sense something.
  • Cho Cho's Mom: Oh honey, you're back.
  • Cho Cho's Dad: We need to hide somewhere since he is destroying all the stuff around the ice.
  • Montay: Hey, that's creepy!
  • Fastino: Not a good looking one.

(Esequiel arrives by using his rocket ship)

  • Esequiel: Hello everyone!
  • Montay: Alright!
  • Fastino: No! the emperor penguin with a red mouth is coming to kill everyone.
  • Esequiel: I don't care. it's tickle torment time!
  • Montay: Ooohhhh, i want to try.
  • Esequiel: I have upgraded my Super Tickle Torment 9000 kit with a suitcase and let's do it!

(The Super Tickle Torment 9000 kit forms into a torment with the tickle tools inside)

  • Montay: Nice looking bed.

(The tapes begin to trap him)

  • Montay: Oh no! HELP ME!
  • Esequiel: Don't worry Montay, it just a torment.
  • Fastino: Esequiel stop that!
  • Esequiel: Why do you say so?
  • Fastino: IT'S JUST STUPID!
  • Esequiel: No! let me have the 8 tickle hands tickle him.

(The eight tickle hands begin to tickle Montay)

  • Cho Cho: You see?
  • Fastino: Can a adelie penguin chick just chase me and feed him some food?
  • Esequiel: Well, i have invented some food like Macaroni & Cheese, Chick Cuisine, Gummies, and many more.
  • Montay: Chick Cuisine? i never try it before.

(Meanwhile in Darktisk's way to Cape Adare)

  • Lord Darktisk: Hehehehehehehehehehehhehe, where are you Roy and Xever? I NEED TO FIND YOU!

(Back at Cape Adare)

  • Montay: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Esequiel: That's perfect.

(Laser shots were hiting the mountains as they got destroyed when the snow is falling out)

  • Fastino: Guys, there is a new theat coming.
  • Esequiel: What?
  • Montay: Really?
  • Cho Cho: I know he's here.

(Underwater, a leopard seal was swimming and ready to eat the penguins but got killed by Darktisk's laser shot and now at Cape Adare)

  • Lord Darktisk: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M BACK!
  • Roy the Elder: NO! HE'S ALIVE!
  • Esequiel: He escaped somewhere around Penguin Hell and how did he get back to Antarctica?
  • Lord Darktisk: That was my plan, i am ready to kill the elders of this place so i can rule Cape Adare as my new home.
  • Lord Darktisk: Oh, the ticklish penguin is here!
  • Montay: Darksmoke?
  • Montay: WHAT?
  • Lord Darktisk: So, let me hear my backstory when i was an adult.

(Lord Darktisk backstory begins)

  • Lord Darktisk: So it started when i was living in Emperor-Land, i was moving away from the bullies and headed over to Skua-Land. I tell the skuas to attack the bullies and then, they arrive at Emperor-Land to attack the Emperor Nation.
  • Noah the Elder: WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT?
  • Lord Darktisk: NOAH, YOU STINK! *backstory continues* So when i was exiled from Emperor-Land, i was swimming to find a way to destroy the ice of Emperor-Land but a leopard seal come and killed me. Now, i was in Penguin Hell, living all alone and in the next many years, i saw a weird looking monster that is a dark cloud and his name is Darksmoke. Me and Darksmoke joined forces to take over the future. Now, i was the only one left when Light and Perxio almost going to sent me out of the battle.

(Flashback begins)

  • Perxio: WE DID IT!
  • Lord Darktisk: NO! MY MINION ENEMY!
  • Light: Now What Darktisk?

(The bubbles were coming out of the lava which Darkguin is coming back)

  • Perxio: What is that?
  • Light: Darkeo was better but how can Darkguin survived the lava attack?
  • Perxio: No! He's still alive!
  • Lord Darktisk: YES!

(Darkguin flys up and roars to transform into a Bug-guin Monster)

  • Darksmoke: DARKTISK!!!
  • Lord Darktisk: DARKSMOKE! I REVIVIED YOU BACK TO LIFE! BUT NOW, YOUR DEAD! *uses his wand to attack Darksmoke* What?
  • Darksmoke: Hehehehehehehehheheheheehehehhe! It's time to say goodbye Darktisk *uses his death beam attack and shoot it to Darktisk*.
  • Lord Darktisk: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *however, he did not die from the death beam attack, he uses his teleporter to escape somewhere*.

(As Darktisk survived the attack, he was falling and landing to the junkyard section of Beardmore Glacier)

  • Lord Darktisk: I was felt hurt when i first got here. *flashback ends* And now, in the past few weeks, i was alive and here to get revenge on Antarctica.
  • Fastino: YOU ESCAPED!?
  • Lord Darktisk: Yes, Penguin Hell is destroyed and now, i am here to fight you!
  • Fastino: Bring it on!
  • Esequiel: Let's go!
  • Cho Cho's Dad: Honey, be with Hersila to take care of Montay getting tickled while we fight Lord Darktisk.
  • Cho Cho's Mom: I will.

(The battle theme of "Only a Chilling Elegy" begins to play when Fastino, Cho Cho's Dad and Esequiel begins to fight Lord Darktisk)

  • Lord Darktisk: LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The battle begins when Fastino punches Lord Darktisk's mouth)

  • Lord Darktisk: OUCH!

(Esequiel uses his karate chop to hit Lord Darktisk's belly)

  • Lord Darktisk: OOOOOOOH! STUPID MEN!
  • Esequiel: Don't say that! i'm old!

(Cho Cho's Dad bites on Lord Darktisk's fin and throw him off to the snow)

  • Hersila: Son, your tickle torment is getting worse and you need to stop.
  • Montay: Okay mom.

(The music begins to end when Montay stops the Super Tickle Torment 9000 machine and head over to his dad)

  • Montay: Dad?
  • Fastino: It's not over yet!
  • Lord Darktisk: You monster! you will pay! I have no mate, but, I WILL KILL YOU BOTH!
  • Montay: NO!
  • Esequiel: *uses his Super Laser Gun 19000* Okay, this is it, YOU HAVE NO MERCY!
  • Lord Darktisk: What?

(Esequiel shoots his Super Laser Gun 19000 to Lord Darktisk as he burns, melt, and die)

  • Lord Darktisk: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE ANTARCTICA! *dies*
  • Fastino: Black sand?
  • Esequiel: *blows the black smoke away and make it fire as it freezes and break* I did it guys, WE DEFEATED LORD DARKTISK!

(Everyone were cheering when the adelies hold Esequiel to be his league)

  • Roy the Elder: ALRIGHT! HE DID IT!
  • The Elders: YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Montay: Yahoo!
  • Cho Cho: Alright!
  • Fastino: Bring it on!

(At 5pm)

  • Esequiel: Well guys, the party is over and i have to go, GOODBYE!

(Esequiel with his rocket ship and his stuff begins to leave off)

  • Montay: I'm sure that evil penguin is defeated.
  • Cho Cho: I know Montay.
  • Montay: Can we go to your nest?
  • Cho Cho: Sure Montay.
  • Montay: Then, let's go.

(Montay and Cho Cho begins to go to Cho Cho's nest as the episode ends)