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Moving Adélie Penguin Toy
Moving Adélie Penguin Toy
Gender Male
Relatives None since he is a toy
Appearance Plain
Voiced By Non-speaking

The Unnamed Moving Adélie Penguin Toy is a fan-made character by MarioFan65. He is a live-action male adélie penguin toy that was from the Moving Adélie Penguin Toy video from the Video Mover 3000 of the Adélie Inventions Corp. His heartsong in his mind and dream is "Lose Yourself to Dance" by Daft Punk, featuring vocals from American singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams.

(Note: Credits to the Instagram user, @flockofpenguins for images of the Moving Adélie Penguin Toy.)


The Moving Adélie Penguin Toy is created by someone and moves like he is in stop motion.


His personality is unknown.


Since he is not in the Happy Feet Universe, he is seen only in a video on the Video Mover 3000 in Adélie Inventions Corp which someone has made it. His appearance is like the ones from the real world.

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  • The Moving Adélie Penguin Toy is the third Happy Feet character to have a heartsong in a dream after Mumble HappyFeet and the Dancing Adélie Penguin Chick.
  • His name is unknown and never heard during the Moving Adélie Penguin Toy video sequence of "The Story of Esequiel the Tickle Inventor".

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