I do not own this but it shows what this story is about when Mumble and Gloria are throwing a slurpee fight in a large cup. P.s Gloria as a baby have different eyes in this story

Mumble and Gloria in a Slurpee World is a fan-fiction short wrriten by MarioFan65.



(When Mumble with his parents are going to sleep in Emperor-Land, Mumble's dream turns white when it shows where Mumble is.)

  • Mumble: Where i am?
  • Gloria: Mumble, it's me, Gloria.
  • Mumble: *look down* Aaahhh! what is this place?
  • Gloria: Your in a slurpee cup now.
  • Mumble: What's a Slurpee?
  • Gloria: A slurpee is a frozen drink and were in the Slurpee World.
  • Mumble: Cool and let's have a slurpee ball fight!
  • Gloria: Okay and bring it on! *makes a slurpee ball*.

(When the Slurpee ball battle begins, Mumble hides in a straw to make more slurpees and Gloria hits him on his head when Mumble jumps off on the cup and lands on a ice cude. When he skates though it, he lands on the floor of slurpee when Gloria jumps in.)

  • Mumble: What are you doing?
  • Gloria: Tag your it!
  • Mumble: You have to chase me! *begins running*.

(In a frozen cave of slush, Mumble have been hiding on a clam, where Gloria jumps into the melted water of slurpee and meanwhile inside the clam.)

  • Mumble: Woah, it has a touge like the penguins have. *sings* La la la laaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • Gloria: *hear the singing noise from Mumble* Mumble, i know it's you!
  • Mumble: Oops.
  • Gloria: *open the clam to see Mumble* I Found You!
  • Mumble: Oh No!

(A sound was coming from a ememy and Mumble and Gloria went back to the land when they saw a slurpee monster. It roars to scare Mumble and Gloria.)

  • Mumble: Aaaahhhhhh, run!
  • Gloria: Let's go!
  • Slurpee Monster: ROAR!!!

(When Mumble and Gloria begins to run, they went to the stairs section of the slurpee world and they tried to get back up on the large cup but the slurpee monster was chasing them.)

  • Mumble: We have to hurry!
  • Gloria: Oh No! it's too late!
  • Mumble: I think, were gonna die.

(When the slurpee monster is gonna kill them, it freezes while the monster begins to melt.)

  • Mumble: We did it!
  • Gloria: Hooray!

(After many hours of playing the slurpee ball fight, the dream has stopped when it ended up to become the next day.)

  • Mumble: Huh?
  • Memphis: Mumble, your okay?
  • Mumble: Yes.
  • Norma Jean: Memphis! our boy is safe!
  • Memphis: Whatever it want to be.
  • Mumble: Now i can do like this *tap dance*.
  • Memphis: Ahhhhhhh, now i'm gonna have a nightmare.



  • This is MarioFan65's first fan-fiction to take place that has something to do with food.


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