Nanantius is a prehistoric seabird from the middle cretaceous period in Australia, around the same time as it's dinosaurian relative Timimus.


N. eos was a small species, about the size of a Blackbird; it probably looked like a miniature gull with clawed wings and a neck and head more similar to a feathered theropod dinosaur, but with a beak. It is assumed to have fed on marine invertebrates and small fish; certainly, it lived on the coast of what was then the Eromanga Sea, a shallow subtropical arm of the Tethys Seaway. That Nanantius were seabirds is evidenced by the fact that another tibiotarsus referable to this genus, and quite possibly to N. eos itself, was found in the gut of an ichthyosaur (Kear et al., 2003).


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