Orital the Antarctoraptor is a dromeaosaur which, much like Richie, is related to birds, he appears in Happy Feet Special; Return of Prehistory. (Note; his species name is fictional until it is named in real life)


As a dromeaosaur, Orital possesses the infamous sickle-claw on the second toe on each foot, which he can use to jab and impale prey, but can't exactly shred and disembowel like it was thought to. Like most dromeaosaurs, he is covered in feathers. His eyes are a light grey, his coloring is the typical dark-back light-belly kind, but his true colors are, of course, unknown. He's got a little tuft of feathers on the back of his head similar to Lombardo.

Like many dromeaosaurs, he often hunts in a pack, but he is the only raptor named(for now). As a dinosaur, he is land-bound, but can still swim.


Orital is compassionate, as he was informing the animals-of-today about Mount Erebus and kept watch for stragglers, originally living in the Polar Forest, he eventually decided to live with the Emperor Nation, but promises he won't harm any Penguins.

He is also a very talented dancer, equally talented as Mumble and may even rival him.

He is a bit of a nerd, but a genius nonetheless, as he knows how to strategize with ease, thus he is a vital ally by being the brains. he has even been able to figure out how human-made machinery works, such as computers. He is also an athlete, and often exercises, and sometimes teaches others about fitness and even martial arts.

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