The Ornithocheirus pack is a team composed by five Ornithocheirus;three females, one adolescent male and one adult male, who leads them. The patriarch Ornthiocheirus is known as "Hoagie". They are the main villains in Happy Feet; Ornithocheirus and the Monster Awakened.

General descriptionsEdit

In the fanfic, they will appear in the new Emperor Land and battle against Beth the frost dragon. Sometime prior to the events of the fic, the Ornithocheirus pack escaped from a Jurassic Park-looking place and attempted to return to their homeland. However, due to their poor vision and confusion over their location, they are unable to distinguish tall structures and objects from the mountain ranges of their homeland, leading to their attack on the Forbidden Shore and New Emperorland. Though they later redeem in the end.


Hoagie takes on the main antagonistic role in the fic, and his personality is far more aggressive than that of his harem or heir(named Sherlock). He possesses the ability to force the other Ornithocheirus to follow his orders against their will, and often uses this unique ability to gain assistance in his own battles. He is the last of the Ornithocheirus to listen to reason, stubbornly hanging on to his anger at his perceived enemies (and is not above attacking his own subordinates if he feels betrayed by them) until the very end.



  • The Ornithocheirus pack is very much like the Genesect Army from the Pokemon movie Genesect and the Legend Awakened, both are resurrected prehistoric creatures, both treat everything around them as enemies(mainly the leaders do), both wreak havoc on a human settlement, both have supernatural abilities, and both later redeem in the end.

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