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"Paulet Waves" is the fourth episode of The Esequiel, Montay, Shippo & Josesito Show written by MarioFan65 and Penguin-Lover.

This episode focus on Esequiel, Montay, Shippo and Josesito competing in a surfing competition on Paulet Island.



(In Paulet Island, there was a surfing contest being held for four chinstrap penguins)

  • Announcer Dude: Hello dudes, welcome to the Paulet Island Surfing Competition!
  • Announcer: We have four chinstrap penguins from Chinstrap-Land ready to surf. We have many species of penguins coming here for the surfing competition.

(In the rocks of Paulet Island)

  • Esequiel: What are they saying?
  • Montay: They're talking about the Paulet Island Surfing Competition.
  • Shippo: Cool. What did they say about us?
  • Josesito: Yeah. Tell us Montay.
  • Montay: They are talking about this event. Today chinstrap penguins are gonna surf and tomorrow. It's our turn.
  • Esequiel: Alright. It's like speech class when people has to take turns whatever you're next class is.
  • Montay: This is going to be good. Penguins around the world get to surf.
  • Shippo: Yes. Emperor penguins can surf too.
  • Josesito: This is great.
  • Esequiel: We can think of surfing ideas and surfing will be great!
  • Montay: That's so cool Esequiel.
  • Esequiel: Now, i can relax and enjoy all the fun i can get.
  • Shippo: Hey. What is that?
  • Josesito: I don't know. Hey, there's a penguin surfing.

(A emperor penguin was surfing and going high as a bird. He landed on Esequiel's spot.)

  • Esequiel: Wow.
  • Montay: That's so awazing.
  • Shippo: Another Emperor Penguin in Antarctica.
  • Josesito: You looked familiar. Who are you?
  • Fage: My name is Fage. The surfing emperor penguin around here.
  • Josesito: Fage? Is that you?
  • Fage: Yes. I was younger than you and we finally get to reunite.
  • Josesito: *hugs Fage* Fage! You came back.
  • Fage: You used to be one of my students in swimming class.
  • Esequiel: You met him in swimming class?
  • Fage: Yes. I saw you at school a long time.
  • Esequiel: Since when?
  • Fage: I know why.

(Flashback shows Esequiel watching Josesito swim in the swimming class)

  • Esequiel: Go Josesito! No more bullying for me.
  • Fage: When i first saw you. You were cheering for Josesito.
  • Montay: Yeah. You know the two adelie penguins staring?
  • Fage: *camera moves to Mr. Leandro and Mr. Cristopher spying on Josesito* Yes, it was Mr. Leandro and Mr. Cristopher.
  • Mr. Leandro: Hey Cristopher.
  • Mr. Cristopher: Yes?
  • Mr. Leandro: You know any plan that i can stop him and Esequiel?
  • Mr. Cristopher: No. Don't shoot them.
  • Mr. Leandro: Grrr... You know what i should feel to stop Esequiel for good.
  • Lifeguard: Hey! What are you guys doing here? *throw rocks at them*
  • Mr. Leandro: Cristopher! Let's get the fish out of here.
  • Mr. Cristopher: You're right. Run!
  • Fage: This is why Lenadro and Cristopher ran away from the lifeguard.

(Flashback ends)

  • Esequiel: So. Leandro was spying at us for the whole time.
  • Fage: Yeah. He wanted to kill you for some reason.
  • Esequiel: It's my fault. I have to lose a person i like that turned bad.
  • Josesito: It's not your fault. Mr. Leandro caused trouble in Paulet Island a year ago before Montay and Shippo came here.
  • Montay: That's us.
  • Shippo: You know all of this?
  • Fage: Yes. Our turn is tomorrow and i'm surfing with you.
  • Esequiel: Cool!
  • Montay: He's surfing with us.
  • Esequiel: Fage, we need to train skills for the surfing competition tomorrow.
  • Fage: Sure. You be my guest,
  • Esequiel: We don't have a surfboard and we need one.
  • Fage: Sure. Anything that you can get feels my muscles.
  • Shippo: I don't know. Remember, fluffy don't float.
  • Esequiel: We were training a month ago to stop the skuas, we swim all the way there in Cape Adare.
  • Fage: At least i saw you guys running.
  • Esequiel: We rushed there.
  • Montay: How do you know?
  • Esequiel: It was like The Year of The Great 'Guin, we were training to fight.
  • Fage: Alright. The Paulet Island Surf Competition is tomorrow, just for us.
  • Montay: We're going to be next.
  • Shippo: I know we are next for the comp. tomorrow, but fighting and surfing are two totally different situations.
  • Fage: There's no fighting in the game.
  • Esequiel: I made up four surfboards by using wood.
  • Montay: Really?
  • Esequiel: It's so cool.
  • Montay: Yeah. It's gonna be sweet.
  • Josesito: I'm excited for it.
  • Shippo: I'm worried more for the children that are in this.
  • Montay: We are children, we have the best surfing skills on Earth.
  • Josesito: Fage, can we surf?
  • Fage: Sure. Let's go boys.

(The penguins hold their boards to surf)

  • Esequiel: I'm ready by tomorrow.
  • Montay: Fage, where are you taking us?
  • Fage: We're going to the waves.
  • Shippo: The waves?
  • Fage: Yes. We're going there to train our surfing skills.
  • Josesito: That's nice.
  • Shippo: I heard the tube of a wave is the most dangerous place to be.
  • Montay: No ice around. That's good.
  • Shippo: Did you even hear what I said?
  • Esequiel: You know the drill?
  • Fage: Wait for the waves to come.
  • Shippo: I'd prefer to stay away from the tubes since that's the most dangerous part of the wave. It's best not to take any chances.
  • Fage: Okay guys. We surf. But stay away from the ice tubes.
  • Montay: We will.
  • Shippo: I'm still not so sure about the whole surfing thing.
  • Fage: The waves are here.

(The waves show up when the background music "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" begin to play)

  • Esequiel: Come on, let's surf.
  • Montay: We will.

(Fage and the penguins begin to surf. Esequiel surfed into the waves)

  • Esequiel: Much better.
  • Montay: Feeling relaxable.

(Shippo and Josesito surfed with Fage)

  • Fage: Hello guys.
  • Josesito: Fage, i just wanted to be with you.
  • Shippo: You and me are both emperor penguins.
  • Fage: Yes we are.
  • Shippo: Now it's not a problem.

(With Esequiel and Montay)

  • Esequiel: Want to see the water?
  • Montay: You try.
  • Esequiel: I will.

(Esequiel looked to the water to see Bill and Will)

  • Bill: What is that?
  • Will: I don't friend. Penguins these days put their heads in the waves like teenagers.

(Esequiel continue to surf)

  • Esequiel: Come on. Don't let the waves hit you.
  • Montay: Follow them.

(Esequiel and Montay follow Shippo, Josesito and Fage)

  • Fage: Hey guys.
  • Esequiel: We trained good. The sunset is here.

(Esequiel, Montay, Shippo, Josesito and Fage went to the end of the wave as the song ends. At night in Esequiel's Tickle Lab.)

  • Josesito: Hey Esequiel, we are heading home.
  • Montay: Tomorrow is the competition.
  • Shippo: We are ready for it.
  • Esequiel: Goodnight everyone.

(Esequiel went to sleep as Montay, Shippo and Josesito left the lab. The next day.)

  • Esequiel: Alright, surfing time.

(At the Paulet Island Surfing Competition)

  • Announcer Dude: Hey dudes, welcome back to the Paulet Island Surfing Competition!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Esequiel: I'm back with my board.
  • Montay: I can see Fage there.
  • Shippo: Yeah, but remember what I said yesterday. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  • Esequiel: No, i do it on my own.
  • Montay: Esequiel no!
  • Shippo: He has a rivalry right now.
  • Montay: Can he at least reform?
  • Shippo: No, you liked him.
  • Montay: He can't be another Josesito since the time they were chicks.
  • Shippo: Come on. They're at the starting spot.
  • Montay: Okay.

(At the starting spot)

  • Josesito: Hey guys.
  • Shippo: Nice to meet you.
  • Fage: We are ready to surf.
  • Esequiel: Can't wait.
  • Shippo: Safety is the most important thing to surfing along with many other things.
  • Fage: I hope, there's no predators in the surfing race.
  • Montay: I know.
  • Josesito: I'm ready for it.
  • Montay: Alright. I'm ready to surf.
  • Shippo: If we win or if we lose, we should face the fact that we had fun trying. Also safety is high priority as well.
  • Esequiel: It's just a game and there's no teams at all.
  • Shippo: I know, but you should still remember what I said.
  • Announcer: Okay everyone. It's time to begin surfing!
  • Fage: Here i go. *jump in the water first*
  • Esequiel: What?
  • Montay: Come on. After him.

(The rest of the heroes jumped in the water)

  • Montay: Don't worry. We are here.
  • Shippo: Besides, why are we being called weird names?
  • Montay: There is a Fage Fan Club over there. Next to the place we are now.

(The camera moves to the Fage Fan Club, with fans of Fage, cheering for him)

  • Fage Fan #1: Go Fage!
  • Fage Fan #3: You can do it!
  • Fage Fan #3: Don't listen to Esequiel. Be the man!

(Back at the surfing game)

  • Esequiel: Alright. Here it goes.
  • Fage: Let's go.

(The waves come up and the penguins begin to surf)

  • Announcer Dude: Look at this dudes! The game is finally starting.

(In the waves)

  • Esequiel: Ha, ha! Take that boys!
  • Montay: Come on. We don't want to get hit by the waves.
  • Shippo: The waves are too lame. We can get to Fage.
  • Fage: Come on boys and my Josesito boy, you did wonderful.
  • Josesito: Thanks. Esequiel is cheating by the way.
  • Esequiel: *doing some style moves on the sky and land in the waves* Yes! Do you like it?

(The Judges give Esequiel a score of 7, 6 and 9)

  • Announcer: Alright, check out Fage!
  • Fage: *feeling his muscles* Feeling strong.

(The judges give Fage a score of 9, 9 and 9)

  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Josesito: This is freaking awesome!
  • Shippo: I know you can't cheat. Rules are alway rules.
  • Montay: I remember when you said that at the soccer game at Snowy Town.
  • Josesito: School is back Montay. The summer is done.
  • Montay: Yeah. I hope it comes back without any summer school showing up.

(With Esequiel and Fage)

  • Esequiel: I can see without any doubt.
  • Fage: Wowsers! Look out for the ice!
  • Esequiel: MOVE!

(Fage and Esequiel move from the ice)

  • Esequiel: You agree on what i said.
  • Fage: You need a little tickle torture on your toes.
  • Fage: There is a adelie penguin that talks too much and live far on his trailer.
  • Esequiel: That was my friend.
  • Montay: Forget your friend. Stick with us.
  • Josesito: Do you have a point?
  • Esequiel: No!
  • Montay: Come on. We're beating you.
  • Esequiel: No. This is a ruined life.
  • Montay: Come on, we can do it!

(The penguins surfed through the waves)

  • Esequiel: Alright!
  • Shippo: I did tell you that rules are rules. We must abide by them or bad things will happen.
  • Montay: Surf as you can!

(The penguins surfed in high ways)

  • Montay: We are getting scores!

(The judges give every score to the surfers)

  • Fage: Feeling strong than a iceberg.
  • Esequiel: It's freaking cool.
  • Shippo: This is getting nicer than i thought.
  • Montay: Almost to the finish.
  • Esequiel: It's a contest you know.
  • Shippo: We know this.
  • Fage: To the finish line!

(The penguins made it to the finish line ti the end the surfing game)

  • Esequiel: We did it!
  • Montay: Esequiel, since we made it together, now we can be best friends again.
  • Shippo: Josesito, what are you up to?
  • Josesito: We're done. Nothing that we can say.
  • Fage: Okay, we're done!

(A boat appears with a gentoo penguin sailor)

  • Sailor: Hey Fage, let's go. We're taking you home.
  • Fage: Alright. Bye everyone!

(The boat ships off to Antarctica)

  • Announcer Dude: Wow, where did they go?
  • Announcer: Fage was picked up to return home.
  • Josesito: Well, i will never see him again.
  • Esequiel: Where is our prize?
  • Announcer: Well dudes, here comes our prizes!

(A big stack of fish comes from a truck from Adélie Inventions Corp, A ice cube collection, a new rock stick for Josesito and a ice sculpture of Shippo)

  • Shippo: Cool.
  • Esequiel: What's that smell? *use his two water guns and spray at the fishes*
  • Montay: Wow, a big collection of ice.
  • Josesito: Wow, my new ice- I mean, rock stick.
  • Esequiel: All done. The fishes are here. Let's eat!

(Esequiel, Montay, Shippo and Josesito eat the fishes as a snack)

  • Josesito: This is yummy!
  • Esequiel: You care what i care. Inlove the taste of the fishes.
  • Montay: Me too.
  • Shippo: Be careful what you wish for.

(The penguins continue to eat as they can)