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Penguin Land
Greater Location Antarctica
Residents Emperor Penguins
Inhabitants Mumble
Norma Jean
Noah the Elder
Events N/A
Not to be confused with King Penguin Land.

The Penguin-Land (also known as New Emperor-Land) is a home where the emperor penguins live after their previous home Emperor-Land got crushed by the Doomberg. This home belongs to the Emperor Penguins and it is a big land with caves, homes, and pools.


Penguin-Land looked almost the same as their previous home Emperor-Land, but with caves, pools, rooms, and a playground. This is where Mumble, Erik, Gloria, Atticus, Bo, and all the Emperor penguins are now living as they are still the Emperor Nation.

At the Mating Season, the Great 'Guin will show up at night as the males praise for him before all the eggs hatch in the next morning as the females return to be with their males and see their new chick.


  • The Penguin-Land is created by Emperor Penguins.
  • The Penguin-Land also looks the same as Emperor-Land.
  • Penguin-Land is named after the game with the same by Pony Canyon, Inc. and the working title with the same name during the development of Club Penguin.
  • Penguin-Land is mentioned in a animation reel of Happy Feet Two, before it got deleted once.
  • Unlike Emperor-Land, this home is much bigger than the other home they lived until the Doomberg blocked the only entance.
  • The Penguin-Land is still the emperor nation.
  • In another fan-fiction story from another user Happy Feet Special; Return of Prehistory, Penguin-Land make an appearance in a different setting, being plain instead of being a home.

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