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Rainbow World

Rainbow World is a world located far far away from the Solar System. It appears in the Happy Feet Racing series by MarioFan65.


Rainbow World is the biggest world, located far far away from earth and the other planets. It is 2 times bigger than any other world.

In the year 1600, many aliens that are not humans (by the name from the penguins) attacked the penguin species (the rainbow citizens of Rainbow World) by the independent of Rainbow World.

Later before the Happy Feet Series starts, the ruler of this world defeated the ailens and created many places like Rainbow Road, Rainbow Galaxy and much more and everyone make this world famous.

By the time after Baby Mumble got a bow-tie from the skuas (with Alpha Skua), Rainbow World has become the biggest world in the Real-World Dimension but still, the ruler has sent the guards to create this place more.

Back after the Doomberg blocked Emperor-Land, King Rainguin started to create buildings and race tracks all over Rainbow World. Right now, Rainbow World is the biggest and most modern world ever to exist in the Real-World Dimension.

Race Tracks, Cities, Towns and other locationsEdit

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

Here are all the fanfictions that this world makes an appearance in that are on this wiki:


  • In Happy Feet Two, there is a rainbow sweater that Lovelace wears and related to be rainbow but not in the Rainbow World.


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