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Ramón's Father is the father of Ramón. He is mentioned in Happy Feet when Mumble and the Amigos leave Emperor-Land while Ramón saying, "Don't worry, tall guy. My father also called me a pitiful loser. Look how I turn out." and he was never seen in the film.



  • In MarioFan65's fan-fictions, he is named Rimon and he is the only adélie penguin with a sqaure-shaped hair and brown eyes like his son.
    • He is known to be the father of Ramón, the mate of Limon, the grandfather of Tamón, and the grandmother of Mendi.

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

Here are all the fanfictions that this character makes an appearance in that are on this wiki:


  • It is unknown if Ramón's Father died or remains alive but in fan-fictions, he is seen living.


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