Raul s tickle torture colored


Raul's Tickle Torment Part 2


Part 2 of a 2 part tickle story with Raul in different ticklish situations


Only Raul


Raul had found himself captured by a set of four strange ghost hands. It wasn't long after he was captured and then strapped down to a metal table. His flippers and feet strapped down in an I-position, putting him in an ideal position for tickle torture.

After being strapped down, Raul looked around and saw that the four hands that had captured him were not the only ones surrounding him. Seven more hands had appeared, meaning that a total of eleven hands were preparing to give him a good tickling all over.

The four hands that had captured him made a start on the torture first, going straight for Raul's exposed belly. They stroked and kneaded all over his helpless belly, which made him immediately start laughing quite loudly. His belly was his most ticklish spot after all. The hands continued to tickle and tease his belly for a good while, but he thought it was strange that there were still seven hands not doing anything.

This didn't last for long, however, as two of those hands traveled down to his sides and gave them a good tickle aswell. They tickled all up and down the length of his sides, increasing his laughter further and adding to Raul's tickle torment.

Then, two more hands went to work on his flipper-pits, which were very sensitive to tickling, and the volume of Raul's laughter increased straight away as his pits were teased by the hands.

Two more hands followed and went to work on the soles of his super ticklish feet. Being tickled all up and down his soles and between his ticklish toes, Raul tried to curl and wiggle his toes but this did little to affect the strength of the tickling, with his laughter now getting even louder.

With all of his body being tickled, there was just one ghost hand left, and it was brandishing a large and very tickly electric toothbrush. It turned the brush on and immediately placed the vibrating bristles into Raul's ultra-ticklish bellybutton, making him howl with laughter. The quickly rotating brush was unbelievably tickly on his bellybutton, and the full-body tickling was now making him squirm all around, his flippers and his toes wiggling about in their restraints.

This went on for a long time before the ghost hands finally allowed him to catch his breath after the hands stopped the tickle torture. Raul panted heavily, happy at the intense tickle torture he had just received from the hands.


  • Raul is the only member of The Five Amigos to appear.

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