Richie the Timimus is a character that appears in Happy Feet Special; Return of Prehistory. He is a coelurosaur which happens to be related to birds. He was the first to inform the Happy Feet family and friends about their dinosaur bloodlines.

Richie later dies from a pyroclastic flow, giving up his own life to save Norma Jean's.


As a coelurosaur, Richie is a predator of small animals such as Steropodon or Leaellynasaura. Being a dinosaur, he is not aquatic, but at least knows how to swim. It is easy to see how he and his species are related to birds, he can fold his arms like a bird and he slightly walks like a bird, plus his feet have three toes only(if he and a bird studied their feet, they would notice how similar their feet really are), though he doesn't have feathers. His coloring is random, but still a normal dark-back white-belly kind. His eyes are a light brown.


Richie is a hyperactive person, unable to sit still for too long. He is caring, but can sometimes be annoying, and also smart, as he was able to identify the birds of today to be similar to him and his species, and often refers birds as his "cousins", no matter which species, though some birds get annoyed by this.

He can be good teacher though, as he was the first to relay the news to birds about their dinosaurian heritages. Noah the Elder is perhaps the one who likes Richie the most, due to revealing their prehistoric blood, and idolizes that Richie is an ancestor to some, if not all, birds(Noah originally thought the Great Guin was the creator, at least to the Emperor Penguins).

Richie is also brave and compassionate, something that Mumble was considered to be. He isn't much of a singer or dancer, thinking it's embarrassing, and refuses to try either, but is okay with someone else doing it, he just doesn't like all the attention both could get for him. Being brave and compassionate, he is willing to sacrifice himself, even if it meant sudden death, to insure someone else remains, which he apparently did for Norma Jean.

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