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The Banner from Roleplaypenguins

Roleplaypenguins was a fan-made website created by Queen Angel and he/she is the creator of this site. This website is related to Happy Feet. On 2014/2015, the website shut down and found to be unknown on what happened.

About this siteEdit

Welcome Penguins, this wetpaint is all about having fun, creating plots, finding love and sharing the music of love. The site grows everyday with new ideas, and new things happen in to the Strong Heart Community. Our leader Queen Angel welcomes you to the site as a welcome guested. Find the light of being a Penguin, though the site is based on happy feet, we have our own ideas to the site, everyone is welcomed! Won't you wanna find love? or fight in war? play with baby penguins? and find the song in you? We love to have you join, all credits go to the creaters of Happy Feet. Don't forget to be yourself, don't be shy, just be yout self and rock the penguin world with your penguin voice and your happy feet!

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