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Shad the Player
Shad the Player
Gender Male
Relatives Unknown
Appearance Black Eyes: Light Blue Eyes
Voiced By Shad Gaspard (speaking)
Shad K. (singing)
"Let's do this for the heat!"
―Shad the Player

Shad (also known as Mr. Shad, Shad the Player (better known as his stage name) and Super Mr. Shad (superhero name)) is a fan-made character by MarioFan65. He is a male emperor penguin, who is known to be one of the best sport players on the Rainbow Stadium, and he appears only in the Happy Peep series. His heartsong and main theme is "It's Shad" by himself, Edwin, Seymour, Phoenix, The Five Amigos, and the Penguin Crowd chours.


Shad has light blue eyes, a rainbow colored skin on his dark blue body, a crown patch, and a orange mouth on his beak. His appearance resembles Terry the Penguin but not the skin color. He is in good shape as being in health as part of becoming a athlete.

Shad's body is known to be based on real people, Shad Barry, Shad Gaspard, Shad Meier and Shad Royston.

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