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Skyla the Elasmosaurus is a plesiosaur from the late cretaceous period who was trapped under the ice. She later awoke and began to wander around lost and confused. She later bumped into the Happy Feet family and friends, who were intimated at first, due to her large size, but agreed to help anyway they can, as she is facing a new world just like Trent the Taniwhasaurus.


Being an Elasmosaurus, she can sneak up on her prey undetected. she'll eat Fish, birds and mammals, though promised to never eat Mumble or any of his accomplices. Like seals, she has trouble getting around on land, mainly by belly-sliding or slight waddling.

Like almost all prehistoric animals, her coloring is very random, but still typical dark-colored back and light-colored belly. Her eyes are a dark green.


Skyla is a happy-go-lucky type. She is excitable and sometimes goofy, but will resort to violence if necessary. When she first came to Emperor Land (really emperor nation), everybody but Trent were afraid of her. desperate, she tries to be as friendly as possible, which worked for some such as Mumble. The Elders (Emperor Penguins) were a bit wary of her, but allowed her to stay and rest. She finds Mumble's tap-dancing a little strange, but doesn't really mind it very much (she even tries it herself, but usually fails), she also admires singing a lot and does some herself(more successful at it than dancing). She even got heartsongs of her own, though her favorite is "We Are Believix" by Elizabeth Gillies. She also has a crush on Trent, who also has a crush on her, and the two eventually become mates.

She eventually gets accepted in Emperor Land(nation) by everybody when she saves Maurice from an Australovenator that rampaged the modern-animal-land , which she drove off.


  • Her favorite song "We Are Believix" comes from the television show Winx Club.

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