This is a list of all the songs that have been in Katie the Penguin's story, "Happy Feet: A New Dance". Whether they be full songs, or just bits, and pieces of a penguin's Heartsong, they'll be here in the order that they appear in. Listen, and enjoy!

1. "Somebody to Love" by Queen 

2. "In The Next Room" by Neon Trees

3. "Airplanes" by B.O.B. ft. Hayley Williams

4. "The Best Thing" by Relient K

5. "Happily Ever After" by He is We

6. "Paradise" by Coldplay

7. "Secrets" by OneRepublic

8. "Animal" by Neon Trees

9. "Must Have Done Something Right" by Relient K

10. "Lights" by Ellie Goulding

11. "One More Night" by Maroon 5

12. "Contact High" by Architecture in Helsinki

13. "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele

14. "We R Who We R" by Ke$ha

15. "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees

16. "Your Surrender" by Neon Trees

17. "Stereo Hearts" by Maroon 5

18. "Stronger" by Kelley Clarkson

19. "Some Nights" by Fun

20. "22" by Taylor Swift

21. "Must Be Dreaming" by Frou Frou

22. "I Hope You Think Of Me" by Owl City

23. "Up in the Stars" by Swimming with Dolphins

24. "Life In Color" by OneRepublic

25. "Everybody Loves Me" by OneRepublic

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