The Super Tickle Torment 9000 Kit

The Kit and the logo in Cape Adare

The Super Tickle Torment 9000 is an invention created by MarioFan65's fanon characters, Esequiel the Tickle Inventor and Josesito that was created in many years.

Characters that has used this tormentEdit

Appearances in FanfictionsEdit

Here are all the fanfictions that this machine makes an appearance in that are on this wiki:


  • Unlike the other tickle torment from the episode "The Five Amigos get a Tickle Torment" with the Tickle Machine 3000, the Super Tickle Torment 9000 has super hands and it tickles you a lot more than the other.
  • The STT9000 can also be a kit when it tranforms into a super tickle machine with a metal table.
  • The word 9000 on the logo is used after the name of the popular quote meme from Dragon Ball Z.
  • It is unknown if this tickle torment will appear in any of The Story of The Five Amigos stories.
  • The super hands of the Super Tickle Torment 9000 tickle machine are known to relentlessly torture any unlucky penguin on their extremely ticklish white belly and ultra ticklish bellybutton hard and fast through tortuous tickles.
  • The Tickle Tongue in the STT9000 is squeezey and metaly.
  • In the Tickle Torment Tour at Cape Adare, this machine was broke down due to the errors but the Adélie God fix it and save Esequiel's life.
  • In Penguin-Lover's fan-fictions, the Super Tickle Torment 9000 appears.


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