The Fish Job Title

This article is about the second chapter of the tenth episode and season 1 finale of Happy Peep "The Fish Job".


(When Hugh and his new friends move on, meanwhile in Cape Adare)

  • Xever the Elder: But it not our fault.
  • Roy the Elder: I know but something went wrong.
  • Elder: You see.
  • Roy the Elder: YOU LAZY! GET BACK TO WORK!

(On Montay's and Cho Cho's side)

  • Montay: What a great looking day.
  • Cho Cho: I see.

(The Robot Cam Penguin begins to move to their side on the left)

  • Montay: Hello?

(The Robot Cam Penguin begins to punch Montay and Cho Cho)

  • Montay: Ouch! Who is that?
  • Cho Cho: Is that a robot looking at us?
  • Montay: I see.

(The Robot Cam Penguin begins to look on the left and rights)

  • Montay: Don't worry dummy, TAKE THIS! *punches the Robot Cam Penguin*

(The Robot Cam Penguin begins to explode and dies)

  • Montay: We did it!
  • Cho Cho: That was fast!

(Meanwhile in Snowy Plains, The Doomship begins to open the door on the botton to have the giant magnet steal all of the fishes as the ice cracks)

  • Beny: OH YEAH! WE DID IT!
  • Doomship Captain: Very good, this is the jackpot.
  • Beny: I see when Mumble finds out.

(Inside of the Doomship)

  • Mumble: Where are we?
  • Carmen: I can't believe it.
  • Phoenix: We should have stayed at Penguin-Land. Once mom and dad know we're being tortured, they will worry about us.
  • Mumble: We just run away before. I can see that.

(Meanwhile in Adelie-Land)

  • Lovelace: Everything is destroyed! What a fool!
  • Adelie Lady: Who could have done this by the way?
  • Everyone: HUH?
  • Adelie Lady: If he is going after the fish, we must stop him.
  • Lovelace: That's right. I kinda remember something on my Peter I Island field trip.

(Flashback begins)

  • Lovelace's 3rd Grade Teacher: Class, as you know, there are mystic beings around Antarctica. But we can do it if we are going to catch some fish.
  • Lovelace: I know.

(Flashback ends)

  • Lovelace: It is the end of the world for us.

(Meanwhile in Taylor Valley, the Doomship was moving by stealing all of the fishes with the giant magnet as the snow melts. Crabeater Seals were also hearing the noise of the Doomship as it move on)

  • Ramón: This is like a maze again!
  • Raul: I see.
  • Phoenix: So, this is where Beny keeps all of his stuff.
  • Mumble: I guess.
  • Sven: So, i think, were getting lost.

(In the building of the Doomship)

  • Beny; This is it captain, we spotted them.
  • Doomship Captain: That's right.
  • Beny: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, TRAP THEM!

(The Doomship Captain press the red button and the cage traps Mumble, Phoenix, Sven, Carmen and the Amigos)

  • The Amigos: OH NO!
  • Mumble: What the?
  • Phoenix: We were spotted!
  • Rinaldo: Now we can die for real.
  • Sven: There is no way to fly for a puffin.

(Meanwhile back with Dantel, Rio, Perxio, Feather and Hugh)

  • Hugh: What should we do by entering this door?
  • Feather: I don't know, but more of our friends are have been caught. They will be in this room with us momentarily. Once they are with us, we can find a way to escape and fight and win.
  • Hugh: Yeah.
  • Dantel: This is like a hospital. When i was a baby, i got bored and hated the hospital because, there no games.
  • Feather: I know that.

(The Penguins stick together and open the door knob to enter the new room.)

  • Perxio: Uh-oh.
  • Feather: Stay quiet.
  • Hugh: I'm not staying quiet! because, theres no people in it!
  • Penguin Capturer: *inside talking* Haahhahahahahahahha, i remember in the past years when we caught that baby penguin father.
  • Perxio: Look, someone coming.
  • Hugh: Let's go and hide in that box.
  • Rio: That's a great idea Hugh.

(As the penguins hide in the box, the door open to see three penguin capturers as no one is there.)

  • Penguin Capturer #1: What the?
  • Penguin Capturer #2: You tricked us.

(Inside the box)

  • Hugh: What should we do now?
  • Perxio: Stay quiet.
  • Hugh: Come on. What is wrong with you? Can i see that i'm quiet.

(In the New Room)

  • Penguin Capturer #3: Take it boys, bring the box to the torment room.

(Inside the box)

  • Hugh: What? i'm not going back there.

(In the New Room)

  • Beny: Well boys, bring the box and take it to the dark room, i have so many penguins with me.
  • Mumble: Were doomed.
  • Phoenix: And that box has so many evil stuff in it.
  • Beny: Come on boys, were going to Cape Adare in any second.
  • Penguin Capturer #3: Right in there *holds the box with the penguins inside*

(Inside the box)

  • Hugh: Where are they taking us?
  • Feather: We're about to be shackled to that wall, and receive the most severe tickle torture possible. Just do as I said, and during the torture, we will have the upper hand since there is another friend of mine on this ship that will take out the bad guys and rescue us. Remember, don't let them find out our love for tickling, and beg and plead for the tickle torture to stop as much as possible. We want them to think we absolutely hate tickling. Do all this and we will be rescued in a matter of time. Less than an hour.
  • Hugh: Yeah, i like to be tickled but when they see us that we hate tickling, they will free us and then, we fight them.
  • Perxio: Feather is right. We must deny the love for tickling if our plan is going to work. So, during our torture, they will put something on our members to put us in ticklish pleasure. They will try everything they can to know our love for tickling. Anyway, I will be first to receive the most severe tickle torture and you guys watch how I do it.
  • Hugh: Yeah.
  • Feather: Then, let's wait.

(Back at Penguin-Land)

  • Gloria: Mumble!
  • Catherine: Phoenix!
  • Gloria: Where are they?
  • Light: I don't know, i need to find them.
  • Shippo: My dad is missing.
  • Erik: My dad is missing too.
  • Atticus: Don't worry Erik, we will find them.
  • Light; Don't worry guys, i'm going to find Mumble and Phoenix and kids, you stay here and be with your mothers.
  • Erik: Okay.
  • Shippo: I will.
  • Bo: We'll see.

(As Light left to find Mumble and Phoenix, back at the box)

  • Dantel: This is boring.
  • Rio: Everything in this place is boring.
  • Feather: I know it is, but right now, all we can do, is wait. Shortly after our torture begins, say about 15-30 minutes into the torture, that's when we will spring our little trap.
  • Hugh: Yeah.

(Meanwhile in a plain close to Cape Adare)

  • Boss Skua: What in the world is that?
  • Vinnie: I don't know.
  • Dino: Woo hoo! let's join them.
  • Frankie: Alright!
  • Boss Skua: I see what is that penguin capturer is doing?

(Inside the Doomship)

  • Mumble: Phoenix? are you there?
  • Phoenix: Yes, brother, I'm here.
  • Raul: We've been captured a guy called, "Beny."
  • Mumble: I knew it would happen.
  • Rinaldo: I know.

(Meanwhile, a lot of police cars were heading over to the president of the united states)

  • Police Officer: Chief, what are we taking so long.
  • Police Chief: Well boy, Beny has created a doomship around Antarctica and he's sending all the robot penguins there to destroy the mountains, the places, and the whole ice so he can get all the fishes.
  • Police Officer: LOOK, WERE HERE!
  • Police Chief: Really?

(The police officers are arriving with the president of the United States)

  • Barack Obama: Hello guys, what bought you here?
  • Police Chief: Obama, one of our prisoners has escaped jail and his name is Beny.
  • Barack Obama: Beny?
  • Police Chief: Yeah, he sneaked to the fishing headquarters and unbanned overfishing for everyone so they can steal all of the fishes again.
  • Barack Obama: I can't believe. We banned it for many years and now, he's up to a new plan. I'm going to announce something about overfishing.
  • Police Chief: Okay, we done that before when a furless penguin was in a zoo.

(Meanwhile in a show outside, Lilly was performing as a fruit dancer with her song "Chica Chica Boom Chic" by Carmen Miranda.)

  • Lilly: *singing*

"O meu ganzá faz chica chica boom chic

P'rá eu cantar o chica chica boom chic

Com a canção do chica chica boom chic

Meu coração faz chica chica boom chic

E vem a saudade da Bahia

Onde o samba tem

Canjerê também

Numa batucada

Boom chic boom boom boom boom

É brasileiro o chica chica boom chic

Com um pandeiro fazendo o chica boom chic

E para terminar chica chica boom chic

Vocês devem cantar o chica chica boom chic

Boom chic boom boom boom boom

You don't make sense the chica chica boom chicc

But it's meant to chica chica boom chic

That's all you've got to say

Chica chica boom chica chica boom chica chica boom"

(And as everyone cheered for her, the news was starting when the Female Reporter was speaking on the T.V)

  • Female Reporter: Hello, this is News 5 and today, a penguin capturer has escaped jail who was the penguin capture of an adelie penguin. Now since Darksmoke is defeated, Beny has started on making new plans to steal all of the fishes as the overfishing thing became unbanned.
  • Lilly: I can't believe it.
  • Female Reporter: You may known something about the famous penguin tap-dancer Mumble. Beny is going after him now and destroying places in Antarctica. This is your favorite news reporter signing off. Goodbye for now.
  • Supporter: Are you kidding me?
  • Lilly: Yeah, Beny has escaped jail to get revenge on that adelie with a brown hair on his head.
  • Announcer: So Lilly, your song was the best.
  • Lilly: Yeah, and i have to get back to my job for now.
  • Announcer: Okay and LET'S HEAR IT FOR LILLY!

(Everyone was applauding for Lilly as she smiles)

  • Lilly: Thank you everyone for hearing me sing, but now, i have to get back to work.
  • Announcer: Okay Lilly, you may leave for now.
  • Lilly: Thanks and bye!

(As Lilly leaves the show, meanwhile back at the doomship, the penguins are now in a dark room)

  • Raul: Oh no!
  • Ramón: This is bad!
  • Phoenix: How are we going to get off?
  • Beny: I have brought my Evil Tickle Torment 6000 with me so the penguins can get tickle toutured.

(Inside the box)

  • Hugh: This is terrible, we can't see a thing.
  • Feather: I know, but here is where our plan comes into play so that we can spring our little trap when the time is right.
  • Perxio: Just be prepared to get tickled in your underarms, ribs, on your sides, belly, bellybutton, in between your legs, between your toes and on the soles of your feet. Also there will be something on our members to put us into ticklish pleasure as they try to discover our love for tickling. We can NOT allow that. What ever you do, DENY the love for tickling and beg and lead for the tickling to stop as much as possible.
  • Raul: Now we let our plan come into play, and when the moment is right, we spring our little trap.
  • Perxio: I'm going to get tortured first and show you guys what to do.
  • Rio: Guys, someone is opening our box.
  • Penguin Capturer #1: Hey, i found some penguins in there.
  • Beny: Sweet!

(The Penguin Capturers hold Dantel, Rio, Perxio, Feather and Hugh in the floor)

  • Hugh: Guys, don't do anything, were getting a tickled test.
  • Mumble: Hey guys.
  • Dantel: Hi Mumble.
  • Phoenix: Who are those guys?
  • Rio: There names are Feather and Hugh.
  • Hugh: I'm a chinstrap you know.

(The penguins and Sven were released)

  • Sven: Oh brother, here we go again.
  • Beny: Ahhhh, come on little puffin, don't be shy.
  • Sven: I will.
  • Beny: Ahhhh, you got it.
  • Penguin Capturer #2: A talking atlantic puffin?
  • Carmen: What should we do?
  • Perxio: Well, we're being held captive, so our only option is to take the torture that they have planned for us. I will be tortured first. *sigh* Beny, we're ready for our severe tickle torture, and have chosen to go one at a time. You got us, so we accept our torture.
  • Beny: I'm taking the adelie with no hair.
  • Perxio: What?
  • Raul: Oh yeah baby!
  • Hugh: No!
  • Perxio: Calm down Hugh, you're going to be okay.
  • Raul: Yeah, you'll be okay, amigo.
  • Perxio: Just know we're going one at a time.
  • Hugh: Okay.
  • Perxio: Well, we're ready for our tickle torture.
  • Feather: Just do as I said, and you'll do just fine. Even though we are getting tortured one-by-one, we always have a way to get free, fight and win.
  • Hugh: I know.

(Beny puts Raul on the Evil Tickle Torment 6000 and straps him down)

  • Raul: Huh?

(A bunch of electric toothbrushes press/apply their vibrating and super tickly whirring bristles on various spots on Raul's unbelievably ticklish white belly, making them tickle a lot)

  • Rinaldo: Wow, are you seeing what i'm seeing boy?
  • Beny: That's more like it.
  • Mumble: I got tickled before at Snow Hill Cavern.
  • Phoenix: I remember that.
  • Beny: Okay, NEXT!
  • Raul: Awwwwww man, it was fun.
  • Beny: As the penguins get on, i listed them for Feather, Hugh, Phoenix, Mumble, Rio, Perxio and Carmen with provides distractions.
  • Feather: Raul, you did not listen to me. Now, for that, I think you should be tortured more. M.S.O, as that happens, I need to talk to Beny about some important stuff alone.
  • Raul: Hey Beny, can i do it one more time please?
  • Feather: Ay ay ay, you just wasted our time to do this.
  • Beny: Come on up, don't be shy and your next to get tortured.
  • Feather: *thinking to himself* Be strong and fight through it. *out loud* Alright, I will. Come put me there and torture me. I'm ready for it, and after I get tortured, I still need to talk to you alone about important stuff.
  • Beny: Okay, i will.
  • Feather: *bravely steps up for his tickle torture* Alright, let's get this done.
  • Beny: Okay *tickle torment starts*.
  • Ramón: Is he getting mad?
  • Carmen: No darling, he likes it.
  • Carmen: NO, I'M NEXT!
  • Hugh: YOU FOOL, I'M NEXT!
  • Beny: OKAY GUYS, CUT IT OFF! *stops tickle torment*
  • Feather: *focuses a special power to free himself from the shackles holding him to the wall*
  • Beny: What the?
  • Feather: Didn't know I could do that?
  • Beny: But how can you stick yourself to the wall? It's not a tickle torment.
  • Feather: I have a special power that I used to free myself from the machine.
  • Beny: Ay ay ay, NEXT!
  • Hugh: This is me.
  • Feather: Just as Beny listed us, Hugh, you're up.
  • Hugh: Thanks.
  • Beny: Okay *starts tickle torment*
  • Phoenix: I know that i'm going to be next.

(Meanwhile outside of the doomship, Boss Skua and his crew are landing into place)

  • Boss Skua: Check this out.
  • Vinnie: So sweet.
  • Dino: I can see that coming from my ears.

(The laser power of the doomship was hitting to Paulet Island)

  • Esequiel: OH NO!
  • Male Adelie Penguin: What happen Esequiel?
  • Esequiel: Someone destroyed the mountains but not my tickle lab.
  • Male Adelie Penguin: I see.
  • Esequiel: Someone should be causing this but i have to go.

(Esequiel uses his rocket ship and sets off to Antarctica. Back inside the Doomship)

  • Hugh: AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Beny: Okay, next!
  • Hugh: Darn it.
  • Phoenix: That's me.
  • Beny: Hmmmm.......

(Beny was thinking about Phoenix and saw Mumble in his reflection)

  • Phoenix: That's my brother *points to Mumble*.
  • Beny: There two of them? I thought there was only one.
  • Mumble: Get on Phoenix.

(Phoenix lays down and got straped)

  • Phoenix: What is this?
  • Beny: I show you!

(Beny begins the Evil Tickle Torment 6000)

  • Beny: You gotta show about that.
  • Beny: We have to hurry!
  • Mumble: Oh no.


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