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The Friends of 3 Penguins (or The Friends of 7 Penguins in The Story of The Five Amigos 3) is a group created by Angelo, and contains him, Estefan, and Enrique. They are known to be the rivals of The Five Amigos and appears in MarioFan65's fan-fiction The Story of The Five Amigos 2. At the end of the story, 4 new members were added and the names are Amigos (not the group), Raphael, Estevan, and Elian.



Angelo is the group leader as he is from Happy Feet: The Videogame (GBA Version). He is afaird of everything from skuas and predators. But, he can help on everybody when their poor. He also helped the poor penguins from other lands since their homes got destroyed by an earthquake. He also tells everyone about their fancy moves and known to be Lombardo's third cousin from his mother side.


Estefan is the second member and the co-leader of the friends of 3 penguins as he is from Happy Feet: The Videogame (GBA Version). He likes to complete in competitons against other penguins. Such an example is belly slide racing against Mumble. He belly sides with everyone and all of the ladies from Little-Land likes him. He also has ladies that are from Adelie-Land because, they like him alot.


Enrique is the last member of the friends of 3 penguins as he is from Happy Feet: The Videogame (GBA Version). He likes to teach everyone how to sled without their sleding. While sleding, he defead himself from getting hit by rocks. The Magellanic Penguins from Magellanic-Land are a big fan of him and sleding.


  • Unlike the Adelie Chicas, they do their original walk instead of doing their wiggle walk.

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